Chapter 1463 For The Nth Time: Helen Says Bye While Aery Still Pines For Mark

Helen made sure her emotions were in-check before climbing up the stairs, this time for Arianne.

Arianne was just about to fall asleep when quick rapping on her door stopped her. Groggily, she opened it and stared right at Helen before asking, “What’s the matter?”

Helen appeared transfixed on the woman for a second too long, her eyes grave. Then, a quiet current of yearning broke through her gaze, and she finally said, “I’m leaving, Arianne. We’re flying tonight. Jean… He isn’t going to trouble you anymore. I also don’t know when the two of us will meet again in the future, so until then, promise me that you, Mark, and Smore will live happily forever.”

Hearing her words chased away at least half of Arianne’s bleariness. “Why so sudden? And in the middle of the night, no less! Can’t you wait until tomorrow?”

‘But if we wait until tomorrow, who knows what could happen?’ Helen countered in her mind. Outwardly, however, she merely replied, “It’s alright. We have to leave sooner or late
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