Chapter 1538 Discord

With a smile, Aunt Shelly rose from her seat and climbed the stairs.

Arianne interpreted her approaching footsteps as Mark returning. She was about to call out to him to grab Smore’s towel from outside when she espied Shelly’s white fluffy indoor slippers falling into step before her.

Shelly noticed Smore nearing the end of his bath and grabbed the boy’s towel herself before personally wrapping him with it. “Who’s all cleaned up and fragrant, hmm?” she cooed. “Come, let Granny inspect you and see if you’re as squeaky-clean as you look! Sniff, sniff—oh, you smell downright wonderful, sweetie! Smore is the cutest, best-smelling-thing in the whoooole wiiide wooorld!”

Smore did not laugh or break a smile. Instead, he looked at his mother, watching her expression closely.

It honestly stunned Arianne a little. Who knew that a child this young could so early learn how to read other people’s faces before acting?

After her little play with Smore, Shelly turned her attention back to Arianne
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