Chapter 1559 Yandere

Shelly, gleaming the subdued aggravation in Mark’s eyes, decided to stop. “Alright, alright. Go ahead. Brian’s gone home, hasn’t he? Be careful while driving, okay?”

She looked out of the window and watched Mark’s car vanish into the distance, the softness in her mien gradually receding. Finally, she summoned Mary to her.

The housekeeper balked at any interaction with her, so she made no attempt at hiding her irritation. “What is it, Mrs. Leigh? I’m in the middle of cleaning duty.”

Shelly sized Mary up before exposing her guise with a deadpan expression. “Please, you’re just looking for a way out of talking to me, aren’t you? All you do all day is take care of Smore for a while; you’re not even required to do much actual housekeeping. But of course, that is neither here nor there. I just wanna ask you something, so why don’t you take a seat?”

Mary reacted by straightening her back and standing tall. “No, I’m not gonna,” she declared in a steely tone. “I’m just a lowly worker who ha
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😂😂Mary called Shelly a “Karen”😂😂

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