Chapter 1589 So, How Was Pre-debut Alejandro (Ethan) Like?

Complimenting someone’s child for their good looks was a surefire way to delight their parents. Beaming, Melanie regarded her daughter for a good long while before remarking, “Millie’s a lil’ cinnamon roll, alright, but only her lips seem to have come from me. Other features came from someone else… I wonder, are those from Alex’s old look?”

Instinctively, Arianne stole a spying glance at Alejandro. He was feeding Millie with his head lowered close to the girl, having appeared to miss the women’s conversation. Of course, that was an affectation. Anyone huddling around the dinner table definitely heard them.

Melanie was aware that it was a sensitive topic to tread, but her curiosity over Alejandro’s past look—when he was Ethan—overtook her. Hence, she followed up with the question. “Alex, do you have your old photos with you? I, um, would love to see them—”

“No,” he rebuffed flatly.

Arianne furtively tugged on Melanie’s sleeve and shot her a meaningful glance.

After the dinner, Aria
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