Chapter 1761 A Flightless White Robin

Mrs. Cox was the first to recover from the nasty shock. With a practiced smile, she approached Ursula and invited, “Ah, Sylvain’s mother! The wedding’s just started—your timing is impeccable. Let us sit together.”

Before Mrs. Cox’s extended hand could touch Ursula, the latter slapped it away curtly. With the air of superiority she had summoned, Ursula declared, “Don’t touch me! I’m way too ‘inferior’ to your esteemed family, innit? If you people really gave a sh*t about your in-law, then you wouldn’t have started the wedding before I’m here, would you? Miss me with that disgusting, fake-a** nicey-nice act, if you be sooooo kind!”

Ursula was loud and shrill. Almost everyone heard her, and already the first batch of susurrus joined the room.

Mrs. Cox, at her core, was a thin-skinned woman who valued her face; it was the biggest impetus behind her fiery antagonism against Sylvain and Robin’s relationship, after all. To be denigrated in public like this, right now, made her lose her fac
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