Chapter 1798 Melanie: I’m Gonna Do What They Called “A Queen’s Move”

“I heard you, Arianne. I’ll talk to him about this with my attitude in check. Then, later, I’ll be eating with you and Tiffany at Teo’s place. I don’t give a damn about what he thinks. I’m gonna go there with my head held high, and I’m gonna let him know myself!”

Just like that, Melanie terminated their call, leaving Arianne with her mind dancing on pins and needles. What had she done? She was the one who brought this up, which meant that if a heated altercation between Melanie and Alejandro broke out, part of it was on her.

Meanwhile, Melanie wasted not a minute more before driving all the way to Alejandro’s office. Despite it being a weekend, he was working overtime again. The man was renowned for being doggedly focused on his work, which likely stemmed from his troubled life experience in the past. Knowing full well that the survival of the Smith family’s wealth and legacy was on his shoulders, while he still had much to learn and do, Alejandro usually sacrificed his weekends away
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