Chapter 1827 Bad Omen

At six in the morning, a string of frenzied ringing startled Arianne out of her sleep. This was not her usual time to wake up, and she did not intend to start now.

She jostled Mark, signaling him to help her get it. The man groggily obeyed and stood up from his bed, grabbing her phone and taking a glance on the caller’s name before passing it to Arianne. “Your phone; it’s Melanie. You pick it up.”

Arianne placed the phone by her ear blearily. “Mmm, helloww? Melanie? Why the early call?”

All the way from the other side of the phone, Melanie’s voice was dangerously light and evidently shaking, “A-Arianne… T-Teo… He… He’s been abducted… The m-media’s already on it… D-Don’t you know yet?”

The fog of sleep around Arianne was immediately dispelled. “What did you just say?! W-What happened?!?!”

Mark was so shocked, his plan to return to his slumber was instantly thwarted, and in response, he rolled on his back to express protest.

Arianne willed herself to recover her composure bef
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Michelle Willis
Hmmm who’s out to get Mark?
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Willis
Theo is setting up Mark because he beat him up?

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