Chapter 1830 Fear And Loathing In The Capital

The only thing Mark’s speech was able to do was to make the couple exchange glances.

Who in their right mind would ever confess to a crime like this?

Arianne watched the tempest in Mark’s mien slowly pooling into a hurricane. Before he lost control and erupted, Arianne shot a meaningful look at Davy, who called in security to escort Mateo’s parents away.

Unfortunately, the influence of the kerfuffle to the office’s mood had taken effect. Suddenly, all the office could talk about was this strange riot; Arianne could not tune it out even if she wanted to.

When it was finally lunch break, she called Melanie. “Hey, Melanie? Did you tell Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez about the thing that happened that night?”

Melanie sounded completely flabbergasted. “I haven’t mentioned a thing, though? …Arianne, what happened over there? What made you ask? I admit I suspect Mark’s involvement, but before there is concrete, indisputable evidence proving it, telling people about that night is like begging for
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