Jordan knew the least wise thing he could do now would be to barge into the room.

whoever was in there was no amateur and if he could get in, he had a fool proof escape already planned and if they went in without planning, they could loose him.

Especially if he has someone on the inside as they suspected, it'd be easy pizzy. 

He wasn't going into this for a goose chase, he was aiming to capture the bastard.

The transmission inhibitor that Adam had brought with him made room for quick planning.

"We need someone else in on this if we plan to snag him, and I do."

He told Adam and the other man agreed easily, understanding why.

They needed someone on the outside to apprehend their intruder incase he tries to be smart and use his escape.

Their man on the outside would be their final surprise. 

"I trust Joey." Adam replied in hi

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