'Making love.'

That's the most beautiful way anybody has ever put it for her before.

And even when he flipped them, taking over her own game, the words swam in her head, filling her with love for him.

Did he realise what that meant to her?

"Don't leave me now."

He whispered, his voice jolting her out of her thoughts.

His lips brushed and then drew her earlobe into his mouth and suckling on it, just like she'd done his.

"But I'm right here, with you." She whimpered, loving the way he way loving on her.

He bit down on her earlobe and then eased the small pain with the sweet circling and hungry pressure of his tongue.

"You are thinking too much, stay with me baby."

He didn't give her a chance to answer as his mouth closed over hers.

All the power in this game

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