Chapter 7 Getting to know more about her

I like noticing details that no one else sees.”-Unknown

Dominic POV

"Dawson?" I repeated the surname again tried to recall something. I read again all the information that I received from Anthony. Everything about Ara was there, as I requested him to investigate the last three days.

"Derrick Dawson?" I narrowed my eyes at the name. "Really?" I turned my eyes to Anthony that sat in front of me.

"Yes, she is Dawson but it seems like she is not really being exposed to the media," Anthony explained clearly like he can read the question inside my mind.

"Here," he passed me a photo. I smile when my eyes noticed the girl in the photo with a middle-aged man and woman in the photo. They had a big smile on their face. A happy family photo.

Uncle Derrick and Aunt Mary. This is what I called them since I was a child. He is one of my dad's best friends and they are partners in business as well. I never expected Ara is their daughter. I only knew that they have one daughter that studies overseas but I never met her. I love how fate pulled us closer to each other.

"I think you need to be more focus on the part of her boyfriend," Anthony's voice snapped me back to reality. I looked at him with a confused look and I turned the file to the part of her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend sound better to me.

"Matt Scott." I read the name loud and look at his photo that was attached together. A tall guy with black hair and brown eyes. I remembered this is the guy that chased her in the bar the last few days. The guy whom Ara claimed they broke up because of the feeling issue.

"I think there is something about this guy. I heard that he is a playboy and there are few cases that he abuse women," Anthony's words caught my attention. I shook my head at the fact. I can't accept that Ara was one of the victims.

"Don't tell me, my girl..hmm...I mean Ara also included?"

"From what I got there, I can confirm it as a yes but to what extend I don't have my idea since I can't dig more information on that," he looked at me flipping the file page by page.

"But, if you want me to dig deeper into that I will try my best," he added. I paused for a moment and think about the plan in my head.

"No, keep it first. I will try to get this detail from her. I want to know everything from her."

"Do you think she will let you know? I could sense that she keeps everything from her parents. I guess you know Dawson's family. They will not let this kind of thing happen to their daughter plus she is the only heir in the family."

"I will try to figure out something. I just want to keep her safe from that bastard for now. I only knew that he still haunted her and chased her like a mad man."

"Now I'm wondering how you get to know her. I can see that you are so interested in her," I can see the wide grin on his face.

"I bumped into her in the hotel the last two weeks ago. She ran into my room while escaped from that bastard. I didn't know her name that time until I saw this," I took out the bracelet from my pocket with the wording 'Arabella' on it.

"And last three days, we spend some time at my penthouse," I smiled when the memory of that night played in my mind.

"What? Just accidentally bumped and you are spending the night together? Don't tell me you are getting yourself into one night stand," he looked at me with confusion.

"Hell, no!" I raised my hand with a stop sign tried to stop his negative imagination.

"I never into it and it will never happen that way," I affirmed.

"Actually that night I bumped into her at William's bar. And again that night she tried to escape from that bastard. I noticed that and I help her out from the situation. I ended up brought her to my penthouse. I mean I forced her," I explained to him in detail.

"I don't think girl or women are allowed at you penthouse, right? You never bring anyone there before, bro. What happens now? What spell that she used to possess you for this exemption?" I can see the excitement on his face.

"Well..." I inhaled deeply before answered him. "Maybe she just spelled me with something that makes me attract to her like a magnet," I added honestly. "I don't know, men. I just feel like I want to know more about her and I want to meet her again after she ran into my hotel room that night. I guess God knew my heart and he helped me with the second met."

Anthony walked to me and patted my shoulder. "This is good news," he grinned. "Now what is your plan?"

"Is it too cliché if I say I want to mark her as mine?" I heard Anthony laughed at my silly question.

"Now you turned to be a possessive man. Hope she can deal with your possessiveness." He said and shook his head.

"Like she has other choices," I said with a devilish smile.


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