Chapter 12. Lost Hope

What about their promises? They said that they would protect us but now it seems they are just selfish.

I stood there with my brother staring at the doom about to be spelt out to us.

We had been wrong, they were not going to be here until it’s over, they would desert us like overgrown weeds in a dead man’s farm. 

They were different, they had to be, how could they just leave us prone to the evil omen which will surely befall us.

We had been wrong to trust them, doomed to think that they were going to stay forever. We could have known better but we decided to be ignorant – at least till it all went away.

Fear crept into our minds, all our strive washed down the drain. How do we thrive on, struggle to survive now that we had no means of meeting even our physiological needs.

The women wailed aloud, throwing themselves on the sand with tears of agony, the men were filled with resentment and despair, the question on everyon

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