Chapter 63: Unexpected

Aisha POV:

Roma was tensed her, she had horrified expression on her face when….  I went closer to her and roughly pulled her left hand up to show her mother and Ravan the same tattoo that was there in Video however before I could utter any further word the very next thing I saw was Roma lying on floor while blood oozing out from corner of her lip while Ravan was standing tall in front of her small frame with nothing but murderous look in his eyes “Why…?” I heard his dangerous voice “WHY THE FUCK YOU DO THIS ROMA…. SHE WAS YOU SISITER… YOU REAL SISTER… AND YO… YOU…. YOU WAS WATCHING GET GANG RAPED AND MURDERED BY THOSE MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD… WHY THE FUCK YOU DO THAT?” he growled monstrously on Roma while honestly I heard a deep vibration that simultan

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@Ann : no worries take ur time dear
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May L
thank you for let us know I was wondering if you are going to or not FINISH it but I happy that you will HOPEFULLY IS RESOLVED!!?
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hey guys, m trying to upload chapter but the website on my desktop is not functioning, same is escalated to my editor, hopefully this issue will get resolved shortly and I can provide you with our End chapter ☺️

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