Chapter 1: Phone Call

Third Person POV:

India a country where dreams comes true, a country which is defined by cultural diversity, which is renowned for its cuisine, technology, festivals, prestige and colorful traditions however from past few years India was slowly disappearing under darkness, it was suffering from growing crimes rates and increase in underworld activities, there was a havoc created by many gangsters all over country , many illegal’s activities and crime which were slowly draining it beauty and value but most dangerous part of it was that every gangster from every corner of India was ruled by just one single person and he was demon himself he was “RAVAN”.

Aisha POV:

It was just another regular day , I was getting ready for my college , when I heard my grandmother shouting my name from down stairs “Aisha Come down beta..” My grandmother shouted from kitchen, ‘God someday she will have panic attack because of me’ I spoke to myself hearing her loud voice “In a Minute Dadi” I shouted back from my room and quickly applied my mascara and gave my appearance a final look in the mirror “You Look pretty Bitch, don’t you know its crime to be so fucking HOT….” I spoke to myself staring at my own reflection in mirror , I am 5’10 feet tall with perfect slim figure and spotless brown complexion with long wavy black hairs and some light brown highlights, everyone I know usually admires my dimples and high cheek bones, however I admire my blue eyes, blues eyes for Americans are very common, however blue eyes on brown skin is a delicious combination, I got my eyes color from my father, My father is American and my mother she is Indian so technically I am an Hybrid, I love Indian culture, I know everything about India also I speak fluent ‘Hindi’ yet my parents never took me to India, I was born and bought up in US still I wish one day I can visit India to experience its beauty on own. Anyway I quickly pushed all my thought aside and picked up my backpack and rushed downstairs, I saw my grandpa who was reading his daily newspaper with lemon tea and my grandma well she was not there ‘where is she?’ I questioned myself in mind but jumped when heard her voice behind me “Aisha you are going to miss your lecture AGAIN…” my grandmother said in angry tone “Jesus’ …Don’t scare me like that Dadi…you know I can have a heart attack and I surely don’t want to die without losing my virginity” i spoke boldly without even noticing now I had captured four eyes who were giving me sharp look ‘Oh boy , I spoke too much’ I cursed my mouth in mind and walked inside kitchen and quietly took my seat on dining table “Aisha how many time I told you are not allowed to have sex until you are 21” My grandmother spoke heading towards kitchen and filling my plate with breakfast  “What is wrong with you Maria , you are talking about being 21 to her” my grandfather intertwined and turned his head to me “Young lady, Listen to me you don’t dare to waste your time thinking on all those adults stuff, you just focus on your studies , you got that?” he questioned me with lots of authority and without thinking twice I lightly nodded my head in agreement

“I Know that dada , I won’t break my promise” I assured him shoving a big spoonful of cereal in my mouth “Good now eat fast I am coming to drop you at college” My grandfather said taking sip of his lemon tea “Ahh.. no Need dada , Michael is coming to pick me up” I told him giving my big bright smile “Are you two still together?” My grandmother questioned me “Yes.. of course, I think he is the one for me” I Told her taking sip of my orange juice and as soon as I said that they both shared a look and started laughing hard on me ‘God my grandparents are going crazy’ I spoke in my mind looking at both of them “What?” I questioned them but they just kept laughing “What did I said so funny?” I questioned them still confused “You are still young to find ‘THE ONE’ for you Aisha..” my grandmother told me and my mouth was left hung open “Dadi …that’s so mean” I told her and got up from my seat picking up my backpack “Aisha beta finish your breakfast..” My grandmother was shouting behind me “No I am full, Thank you” I told her with puffy face and got out where Michael was already waiting for me in his car, I hoped in with him and we drive off straight to my college, while driving to college i received a text from my grandmother “Aisha Beta we were just messing with you, come home soon I’ll prepare your favorite aloo paratha for brunch and I love You beta (wink emoji and heart emoji) , as soon as I saw that text a smile appeared on my face I quickly replied her back ‘Love you too’ , once we were outside my college I changed my mind and turned to Michael “Michael do you want to attain college today?” I question him “I got a football practice” he replied looking at me “Why what’s on your mind?” he added “Nothing I was just wondering if we could go to mall to hangout and then watch a movie?” I told him straight “Ok if you want then let’s do that” he told me giving me his most precious smile “what about your Football practice then?” I questioned him eyeing at my college “They can practice without their captain for a day” he said with a wink and leaned in to kiss me on cheeks but I being naughty pulled him and locked my lips with him and we end up making out in front of my college gate, after couple of minute we both came back to our senses and he drove us to ‘Ira mall’ where we spend good three hours doing shopping and eating in food court later we went for a thriller movie in afternoon, i was having most amazing and relaxed time with Michael , we both were enjoying our movie and long make out when I felt hard vibration in my back pocket, my phone was disturbing our kiss, I took it out a checked dialer it says ‘MOM’,

“Is it Important?” Michael questioned me “Nahh… ill call her later.. !!” I told him and switched off my phone and we resumed our kiss after two hours when movie finished we both exited theater talking about all random stuff “Hey don’t you have to call your mother?” Michael reminded me “Ohh Fuck yes totally I have to call her, why don’t you get your car till then I’ll call her” I told him and we both parted away after sharing a final kiss , I called my mother but there was no response, I called her few more times until I decided to call my father and he picked up my call in one ring however there was no response “Dad where is mom I been calling her but she’s not answering me..” I told him however there was no response from other end and all I was hearing was deep breaths “Dad you there…Daddy ?” I questioned him in little panic tone but there was still no response just breathing voice, I don’t know what was happening but my gut was telling me something was not right “Wh..Whoo is these?” I questioned him in scared voice “RAVAN” person on other line said in most dangerous tone and hung up.

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