Chapter 53: Where Nadi Went

“Nadi! Where are you?” asked Flora, feeling nervous with the disappearance of her daughter.

“She’s with Eva,” said Rosa softly.

Flora turned to Rosa and asked, “Where did they go? Where did she take my daughter?”

“I asked Emil to show Eva the vegetable patch where she could pick the vegetables for lunch and they took your daughter with them,” explained Rosa.

“But how long have they been gone?” Flora asked Rosa in a voice louder than she had intended. It was her daughter that went missing and she was quite concerned that she did not know where Nadi was.

Rosa stopped writing and dropped her pen on the table. She eyed Flora who realized that she might have said something to offend the cook. Upon seeing Flora shrinking backwards, Rosa picked up her pen and went back to writing on a notepad.

“They haven’t gone long. It would probably take them an hour to get to the spring and pick the vegetables and another hour to get back. You won’t be able to get them to hurry back by clucking there like
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