The Demon Queen's Duty

The Demon Queen's Duty

By:  Rory McCauley-Hayman  Completed
Language: English
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Second Book of The Vasilia Series. First read The Demon Queen's Desire (please). Madison Coto, Vasilia, vigilante, and chosen mate of the werewolf king, Duncan Stanford, has been living with the Vasili, Anders Damon, for one month under the guise of being bound by his order. She has turned her harem into the eyes and ears of the Helvegr, the supernatural resistance. She has been working to bring him and those loyal to him to her side. Madison offered a deal to Anders. If she doesn't fall in love with him, he will release her and her harem. If she does fall in love with him, she will tell him her demon name and agree to be his mate. In the meantime, he has given in to her demands. New clothes, equal treatment, consideration for her and her harem, and locating the doctor who killed her mother. The day finally arrives when she will face the man who destroyed her family. The day she will finally finish the vengeance she vowed at fifteen on all those involved. When the Vasili takes her to the camp her mother died in, she finds so much more than the death, despair, and demented doctor she'd expected. Madison finds a piece of her heart.

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50 Chapters
Back at it Again
[Madison] I was in my bathroom, working on applying my makeup. It had been about a month since I’d joined the Vasili’s household and he’d finally gotten me a meeting with the doctor who killed my mother. We were seeing him in an hour and I was pretty excited.The time with the Vasili had been emotionally trying. I missed my friends and my boyfriend so much. My harem and the succubae in the Vasili’s harem helped… well… except Poppy. She tolerated me, but we still weren’t friendly.
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A Woman on a Mission
 I pulled on a short, light cover. It was still warm for late September, but I really enjoyed the look of it. The positive about being a demon, temperatures had to get pretty extreme to make me sweat.“I’m heading to the camp to meet with the doctor and then lunch with my friend Dennis, today. I want you all to be on your best behavior. Don’t forget to have lunch. I should be back before our walk. Anything before I go?” I asked.“Have fun, Maddie.” Winston smiled.
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Doctor Nettleston
[Madison]After some time, the door opened again and a man came through. He had a slight build with dirty blond hair and light green eyes. His shirt was rumpled and he wore a lab coat over it. Though his face was friendly, those eyes were cruel.When he extended his hand, I could smell blood. He’d been doing something to someone before he came and it had gotten everywhere. Particles of blood had seeped into his clothes and skin. There were at least two different people’s scents on his hand.I leaned away from the offered hand and shook my head. There was no way I was letting that monster touch me. Especi
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The Lost Angel
 After a few moments, the door behind us opened. I kept looking at Nettleston as his expression turned gleeful again. I couldn’t figure him out, until a girl walked past me.My eyes were suddenly drawn away from the smirking beast. The girl had glowing blue-black hair and warm golden brown skin. She was only a few inches taller than me, by my figuring. From the back, I could tell the girl had slight, modest curves, and her hips swayed gently as she walked. She was graceful and delicate.The scent of the ocean, the sun, and water-borne flowers drifted behind her. She was a goddess on Ea
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A New Plan
[Madison]I finished attaching the siphons to the doctor, and asked to be excused to the bathroom. A guard was called into the office. He was a concubus. Nettleston ordered him to take me, guard me, and return me.When we were near the bathroom door, I grabbed him, pulled him inside, and pushed him against the wall. He looked afraid. I needed to free as many of my people as possible. I may not be able to get to the succubae just yet, but the concubi and incubi in the camps were a good start.“Are you here by your own choice or the Vasili’s orders?” I hissed.
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Old Friends
 Anders turned into the parking lot and drove to the back. I had him park near the door. I pulled Aria out of the car with me after explaining to Anders that I needed to keep her nearby, to make my mind calm down after dealing with the doctor.He accepted it easily. There was nothing I could really do without him being able to figure it out. At least… nothing he was expecting.Aria and I waited for Denny after Anders headed for the front of the building. Before I even found my angel, before I ever knew about the enslaved incubi and concubi, I’d been planning this. Ford told me L
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Gaining Support
We ate quietly for a while. I wanted to let the information sink in for Dennis. The rest of it was going to be difficult in a different way. I hoped having that connection would help him come to the right decision.  “She loved me? No matter how many times I asked her out, she always said no. I felt like there was something, but I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. Sometimes I worried I was turning into Nathan.” He snorted.“That would be pretty much impossible. You are a very beautiful man, he’s a cave troll compared to you. Not that I’ve met many cave trolls, but I’ve heard they aren’t pretty….” I chuckled.
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The Worry Squad
[Madison]When we finished, we went outside. Anders was leaning against his car, looking agitated. I guess it had been a rather long lunch. I walked Denny to his car and he gave me a little gift wrapped box.“For your birthday.” He said softly.“Thank you, Denny.” I grinned and opened it.The box inside the wrapping was a jewelry box. I opened it to find an oval shaped silver locket. When I looked inside, there was a picture of Indie on one side and Serena on the other. Tears filled my eyes and
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Reminders and Memories
[Aria] I looked at the people surrounding me. I was nervous. There were so many people and I was unprotected. Celia approached me and I got more nervous. I was afraid they would still blame me for what I had to do.They couldn’t understand. Caleb may have cared about me, but my punishments for disobedience were terrible. He would experiment. It wasn’t as bad as some of the things I watched him do to others, but it was painful. I was the only succubus he could cut up. I was the only siren he’d ever seen.
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A Walk, A Talk, A Present
[Madison]They all started getting ready. Trista and Landry accepted the offer to come with us. I put on a flowy emerald green shirt and black leggings after putting away my wings and tail. We packed up water, snacks, and blankets, then headed out to the clearing that was now one of our favorite places.I held Aria’s hand as we walked. We talked about all the things I would show her and how excited I was to introduce her to all of my other friends later. I knew that Serena would be thrilled to find out she had a little sister. She wanted family she could really connect with, another siren would be wonderful.W
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