Chapter 92: Pablo Was Furious

“These weeds should be burned. How did these get to be at the vegetable patch, I wonder? Where is Emil? I will have a serious talk with him about this!” Pablo looked around him as if to see if Emil was working on the flowering shrubs nearby. “He should know that these plants are to be pulled to their roots when he sees them!”

Flora was close to tears when she heard Pablo’s shouts as he called out the sanaria that Flora picked from the vegetable patch, but seeing Nadi frightened as Pablo snatched the sanaria flowers from her daughter’s head made Flora tremble. She had seen Pablo angry a few times, but this would be the worst, Flora thought. She knew she needed to protect Nadi at all costs from Pablo. She did not know what psychological damage the shouting manservant could inflict on her daughter. Flora let Nadi hide behind her and prevented her from seeing the angry manservant as he unleased his anger at F

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