The Vampire King Mate

The Vampire King Mate

By:  MJ Opera  Completed
Language: English
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Vince never planned to see his mate but he did and now he has to handle a relationship with his mate and at the same time try to find the threats against the Vampire world which wants to destroy it. ********* The primordials. The legend about how vampires came to be is a little sketchy but vampires have been known for the destroying of their race until the seven primordial. They changed the vampires world and now, vampires have a successful community, experience growth and development. They are also on the brink of war with the other two dominant races. The shifters (half man, half beast) and the sorcerers (Magic wielding folkes.) Gwen Stephens was as normal as a newly turned vampire could be. She was turned just a year earlier at 22 and she still had troubles with controlling her thirst and vampire gifts. Gifts which happens to be rare and very powerful. One fateful day, her life changed as she was going to the training center. She perceived the most tempting scent of blood and she couldn't control her thirst and she latch on the Vampire neck. Vince was on his way to find his sister when a vampire bit into his neck. He knew that she was his mate and he teleported them to his lair. Vince discovered at his mate was a spit fire and as much as he wanted to enjoy spending time with his mate. He needed to deal with the current threat as what he created would crumble if he didn't. As the Unofficial leader of the primordials he needed to ensure the safety of the Vampire race. He discovered soon enough that it was more complicated than he imagined.

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Denise Kluttz
Good Story where is part 2 or updates on this
2022-10-09 06:35:38
user avatar
David Miller
Need to hurry up with the next chapter before people loose interest UN story
2021-07-19 13:04:22
user avatar
Robin Maboko
what happened to the rest of the book
2021-04-01 18:19:30
default avatar
Great book. Is there a part 2?
2021-02-25 07:04:00
user avatar
Emily Knapp
sweet it's a good book
2020-12-06 12:57:27
user avatar
Oblivious Gear
so far im at chapter 6, but I've been hooked since chapter 2-3. I'm not prone to vampire novels because most writers come up with the somewhat same idea that takes about 20 chapters to explore and explain the concept of vampires. but I've decided to check out this one because of the time. SO I READ
2020-11-15 15:21:01
user avatar
Lynda Patterson Valdez
love this book so far
2020-10-31 14:43:00
user avatar
Christie Darby
love the book. waiting for the next one.
2020-10-07 02:33:45
user avatar
Nabam Siko
Nice sweat story
2020-09-23 23:39:23
user avatar
MJ Opera
Thank you guys for the love. I promise that I will be regular with the updates from now on. ☺
2020-08-01 16:32:58
user avatar
Becky Bohr
good story
2020-08-01 06:13:43
user avatar
Chibuzor Victor Obih
Keep up the good work Rita
2020-07-19 02:34:18
user avatar
Demetria Begay
loved it. looking forward too more!
2020-07-16 10:14:29
user avatar
Jennifer Phillips
it's getting interesting. however it needs way more charters done. i really like it so far
2020-07-11 14:18:04
user avatar
Tin Pascua
interesting sory
2020-07-06 02:08:34
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45 Chapters
  Vampires are dying. No, that is not right. They are being killed. Vince corrected his thoughts as he gritted his teeth, he mainly stirred clear of vampire politics and ruling. He left that to the primordials who were interested in other vampires adoration. He felt quite comfortable with his job as unofficial ruler of the primordials although he always protested loudly whenever it is voiced. He was the only sane primordial among the rest and he had a natural charisma which made the others to follow him, not to mention his ruthless fighting. Being alive for more than a millennium had a way of making you unfeeling and ruthless but he had always been ruthless right from the start. Whenever there was trouble he was always the one to deal with it and now there was trouble again. Only this time the wariness is getting to him. He doesn't want to fight it. After fighting it for a thousand years, you get tired especially when you don't have any
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  TWO WEEKS LATER Gwen woke up in her apartment and felt a moment of panic before she realised where she was. This is her home now, and it will be for the next four years. She took in a deep breathe as she stood up and went around her morning as usual. Sometimes she couldn't help but feel lonely, sure she has a friend in this world but she miss her former life and walking home from work and passing a dark alley at night did this to her. It turned her into a vampire. She could dig why people wanted to be one or why they thought they wanted to be one since the Vampire world is kind of hidden, the heightened senses, the longer life, the fabulous beauty and all that and the only draw back that you get is drinking blood. She did not have a choice since she was changed. It was just a year ago but she knew that her parents would have already declare her dead, that her friends would have already mourn h
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  Vince was looking for his sister when he perceived  the most amazing smell  ever.  He knew at once that it was the blood of his mate, he stood frozen not knowing what he should do,  he had to decide  on that fact if he wanted to mate with her or if the danger is too much and he would leave her,  get his sister and deal with the  threat before  coming back to claim her.  The choice of his decision  was taken out of his hand when his mate came at him with supernatural  speed and latch onto his throat. At her bite he moans as he felt ecstasy.  Her venom was amazing.  Normally vampire vemons was pleasurable  when released into the blood stream but the bite from ones mate was double the pleasure.  He had not believed it before  but now he is  slowly  believing it and every other thing he heard about mated pairs.  Her bite was orgasmic.  &nbs
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    Arriving in Vince kitchen made Gwen wonder about where she was. She had been pretty content about everything since feeling the bond that made her complete and she knew that Vince will always protect her but now, she wanted to know some facts. Like for example where was she, this is certainly not her in her street since her street was full of apartments buildings and place is clearly a mansion. When Vince dropped her on the counter and turned to heat some blood up for her she grinned at his back, clearly he liked to take warm blood and didn't know that she doesn't take preference if it was hot or lukewarm. She slipped from the counter as she moved to meet him as she wrapped her arms around his waist and rest her head on his back. " Gwen, what are you doing. " Vince asked as he felt her head through the shirt that he quickly threw on. " I just want to remain in contac
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  Gwen sat in the den a month later as she smiled at what her life had turned to. When Vince told her that he was a primordial, she had not believed him and he just gave her a patronizing smile and asked her if she knew the face of the the primordials who rules the vampires directly. She snapped at him that she was young not dumb and he did a video call with them and although they were busy, they answered the call and started to talk about issues concerning vampire but she was numb. Her mate was vampire royalty and not the primordials easily seen, no. One of the rare ones that kept to himself and whose existence was shrouded in mystery because historians have not really had the chance to view his life since he guarded his privacy a lot. When he left the conversation, she apologized for doubting him and had done everything he told her to do which included packing into his castle. Although she had agreed that she might need alone time, so
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Vince was stroking  Gwen  arms when a knock sounded on their bed room door.  He signed as he glance at his mate face she was still sleeping peacefully and he knew that none of his staff would  knock on his door unless it was something very important  so he stood  up and wore his clothes as he walked to the door.  When he successfully shut the door without waking Gwen  up,  he turned to the person who knocked.      " I am sorry  sire for disturbing  your time with your mate but another  attack had just happened in the Vampire community  in Romania.  " his butler  said quickly  hoping to reduce Vince  anger at him.  He knew that newly mated pairs were not to be disturbed  but this was a very  important  situation.      Vince tried
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   For the past  one week.  Vince has been scarce  since he was looking for his sister  and Gwen had been lonely.  She hardly have anybody to talk to and the servants were always bowing to her.  She had finish another month training on her own, had been practicing  self defense  but still she was lonely.  She missed Vince and she couldn't  even tell him that she miss him,  he would just find a way to be with her and search for his sister and end up overworking himself, even primordials need their rest and Vince was no different.     Gwen sighed as she thought about the times she spent with Vince,  about how she almost told him that she loved him.  Sure she had spent more than a month with him and him being her mate means that he is hers forever but that doesn't mean that she can just blurt o
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   Vince  had a stressful  week and he was slowly  getting irritated  by it. It doesn't  normally  take this long before he sees his sister then again  he had always been focused  on the task  but this time he couldn't  give all his focus  to finding his sister, not while he has a mate and his mate is not with him.  He gets so worried about her that he doesn't  know if anything  had  happened  to her.   Leaving her alone without  letting  the other primordials to know was risky, one of them might visit him because  they are worried that they haven't  heard from him in a while and when they see Gwen  there,  all it takes is one assumption  that she brok
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 Jessica  mouth fell open as she saw her brother smile.  Vince  never smile like that.  Ever.  He rarely smiles yet when this  girl who was a young  vampire from the scent around her, launched herself at him.  He started smiling  and he hasn't  stopped since. Even through the kiss that  the Vampire was giving him,  he was still smiling.      Jessica wrinkled her face at the scene as she moves towards Jake  who entered the room after the Vampire.  " hey Jake.  " she greeted with a  hug that Jake returns absentmindedly.  " what's  wrong.  "    " Vince will kill me.  " Jake muttered lowly.  Enough  so she could hear him but Vince  couldn't  hear  him.  
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  The next day was the primordials meeting  and it was to be held at Vince home although  Gwen  was happy with the familiar  environment,  she was still a little  fearful of the primordials, James  had made one small mistake about why she was present  and she nearly paid for it with  her life, all she needed was to show her sassy self if Vince was not there and he would come back to see her broken body  on the floor.      " Gwen,  it is too early for you to be awake. Go back to sleep and stop worrying.  " Vince sleepy voice said from behind her as the arm that was wrapped around her drew her even closer to the bare chest  that her back was resting against.      "
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