The Merman, My Man

The Merman, My Man

By:  Black Velvet  Completed
Language: English
241 ratings
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This is a story between a bloodthirsty merman and a kind and naive researcher. Linda, a researcher at a Japanese maritime university, found herself raped by a lewd merman in a dream. This tempted her to conduct research on this mythical creature. Together with her professor Gary, they set off to sea in search of merfolk. They successfully caught a merman, but Linda was marked as its mate…Was it a human that had caught a merman, or was it a merman who had found its prey?

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Absolutely loved this story! It's my favorite by far! so glad I read it!
2024-01-08 10:44:17
user avatar
myra jowers
very good this is twice I read it wish there was a book two of this story. love it so much I even told my friends they should read this book
2024-01-08 04:38:30
user avatar
Lucia Sardo
I've read only a little bit so far and it reminds me of desharow merman. I think the author used that as inspiration.
2023-12-17 17:15:18
default avatar
Honestly my absolute favourite read. Passionate, loving, mysterious and just delightful. Left me feeling bitter sweet getting to the end!!
2023-11-14 22:06:53
default avatar
Courtney Lee
Author does an excellent job of steamy scenes, although it would be nice to read the male lead’s point of view. Female lead, Linda can be a bit frustrating, but keep in mind that she’s viewing male lead and mermen from a sheltered academic viewpoint.
2023-08-31 12:05:39
user avatar
Chantel Legair
5 out of 5 definitely!
2023-07-17 14:33:45
user avatar
Peace Akpede
It's so nice and i really love it. Keep up the good work.
2023-04-25 23:33:10
default avatar
Usually I don't like such a long books, but love this one! Definitely worth reading it!
2023-04-04 06:00:48
user avatar
Sarah Tilly
I hope the author continues to write this and more stories. I love this book.
2023-01-22 01:12:24
default avatar
Shelia Riley
I wish I could read this without the chapters being locked!
2022-10-13 10:18:13
default avatar
Shelia Riley
Great book!
2022-10-11 03:27:08
user avatar
Shaylyn - Maree Thomas
I’m only half way through at this moment in time but I can put my phone down to stop reading it! It’s bloody amazing best book I’ve read thank you so much!!!
2022-07-19 00:07:28
user avatar
Tess Orodio
a make believe story, i love it, a change from the other stories i've read. thumbs up dear author.
2022-07-09 11:43:15
user avatar
Tomoe Sama
Lovely story but it's ended now, I'm started missing it, hope author will bring back new story like this or their future story for us. Love you author ...
2022-06-03 09:57:01
default avatar
Mark Aldwin A. Borja
All goods try it yow
2022-05-26 20:02:12
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337 Chapters
Chapter 1: Someone’s Watching Me...
I was taking a shower but I felt like I was being watched. These days, I had been totally captivated by and restlessly researching merpeople day and night. My fascination with this mysterious species had caused a merman to appear in my dreams a few days ago.He was majestic, young, and about three meters tall. His upper body was muscular, and his tail was iridescent black. A tail so powerful that a single movement had the strength to produce a huge, engulfing wave.But my dream wasn’t related to my research topic at all, because this merman was a demon!And now I felt like I was being watched in the comfort of my own university dormitory bathroom.The walls and the floor of my bathroom felt like they had turned into glass, and a pair of sharp glowing eyes were staring at me from below. My entire body, including my private parts felt exposed and peeped at by probing eyes.At that moment, I wanted to quickly cover up my body with a towel.Just then, a fragrance came over me, dr
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Chapter 2: I Found a Merman
I wrote in my diary. “10th September 2012, cloudy. “Professor Gary and I have been drifting at sea for three days, but we have found no merpeople.“I’m beginning to question the existence of merpeople, but the dreams keep me going. “I don’t want Gary to know what I dreamt of, and I feel like he’s keeping something from me.”As I looked at my reflection on the cabin window, I realized I had lost some weight. My figure was slimmer, and my face was pale. That much was clear without looking too hard. Looking like this, I would be laughed at by my classmates. Of all the research topics I could have chosen, I picked such a difficult one. Just then, someone shouted from outside the cabin, “Linda! Come out quickly! I think there’s something beneath the water!” I put down my pen and immediately rushed out, bumping into Professor Gary at the door. He was holding a deep-sea monitoring device that could monitor the conditions underwater. He raised the screen of the device before
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Chapter 3: His Prey
My intuition told me that this being was more dangerous than a shark. Its danger did not lie in its physical strength, but in its mysterious ability to captivate people’s attention, and even caused them to die for it!The divers finally managed to put the merperson into a pre-prepared water tank. Gary gave the divers a signal and they held the merman down right next to me. With a syringe in hand, I carefully injected some tranquilizer into his beautiful tail. After administering the injection, I couldn’t help but feel the streamlined tail. Its coolness to the touch seemed familiar yet foreign at the same time. The merman in my dream also had a smooth tail like this. As I gently lifted up the scales, I saw that underneath it looked very similar to human skin. If it weren’t for the anatomic structure of the tail, I would have thought there were two legs in there. ‘Why did I think about this?’ Startled by my own thoughts, my hand accidentally touched his tail fin. Instant
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Chapter 4: Obey Me, or Else...
“I didn’t examine the merman further yesterday. I believe highly intelligent creatures like merpeople would resort to extreme measures when agitated, even to the point of committing suicide. “I had to ensure his safety. I will get the ship crew to help prepare a large acrylic water tank. “Whenever I think of his stare, I can't help but shiver. I have to be the first to unravel this mystery...”As I wrote in my diary, there was a knock on my cabin door. I immediately shut my diary and shoved it under the blanket. I didn’t want Gary to know about my diary. I went to open the door and shuffled back to bed pretending as if I had just woken up. Gary held the finger that was wounded yesterday and proceeded to disinfect it with a cotton ball. “Ouch! You’re doing this on purpose!” I shouted. Gary disregarded my dissatisfaction and said, “I’m warning you, don’t get close to the merman alone. If I find you doing that behind my back, you’re going to get it!”While saying that, he
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Chapter 5: Climbed onto My Belly
The tank wasn’t illuminated so I couldn’t see his face clearly aside from his contours. Even then, I could feel his gaze following me. His gaze made me tremble and made my legs feel like they were frozen, unable to take another step. The merman seemed like he could read my mind because I suddenly felt as if he was encouraging me to go forward. He must have closed his eyes because I couldn’t feel his terrifying gaze anymore. I mustered up the courage and continued toward the silhouette in the tank. The merman in the tank floated peacefully, he looked like he was sleeping. The piercing gaze I felt earlier must have been my imagination. I got a better look at him as I moved closer. There seemed to be a shiny protective membrane on his skin, enticing me to touch it. Through the wall of transparent acrylic, I imagined how his skin would have felt. Right then, I noticed a grave wound on his right arm! Even the bone underneath was visible. Based on the shape of the wound, it see
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Chapter 6: I’m About to be a Beast?!
I secretly reached for the tranquilizer gun on my waist, ready to whip it out and fire it at him. I wasn’t in a dream. How could I be constrained by such a lewd being? Suddenly, a hoarse voice said… “Di-ck-en.”“Di-ck-en.”I was sure that the voice came from the merman, the hoarseness of his voice sounded as if he hadn’t spoken in a very long time. ‘Is the merman trying to communicate with me?‘Oh my god! Am I the first human in history to be speaking to a merperson?’I was so excited that I forgot about the danger that befell me just a moment ago. I mustered the strength to prop myself up so that we were on a parallel line of sight. It was only then that I realized how naive I was. The expression on that handsome face was definitely one that was teasing me. But I didn’t want to give up. I let myself calm down and spoke slowly, “Hey Mr. Merman, I have no ill intentions. I just saw the wound on your arm and wanted to treat it for you.” I even pointed at the wound. Bu
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Chapter 7: Treating the Merman’s Wound
After being shot in the shoulder, he blankly lifted his head to look at me. With a cold look in his eyes, I couldn’t help but feel goosebumps rising on my skin. I even thought the tranquilizer wasn’t working. Luckily, the situation was under control. The merman weakly collapsed onto the tank cover. I let out a sigh of relief and rushed to get out of there. As I did that, I slipped and fell unknowingly onto him in a straddling position. The merman that was originally in the process of passing out was now shocked awake. Not only that, he looked like he was satisfied with this development. The merman lifted his head and started grinding against the area between my legs, stimulating my sensitive region. Even though his eyes were only half opened, he showed no signs of passing out and continued teasing me instead. I panicked internally and pointed the tranquilizer gun at his head, threatening him, “Hey pal, you do know how powerful this is right? If you continue moving, I will
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Chapter 8: The Horny Merman
As I was deliberating whether or not to fire, the merman tugged my hand and placed it back onto his abdomen, his large hand covering mine and guiding it to feel his solid abs. I noticed his tail was wagging again as if he was trying to humor the hand that was touching him. He wanted me to touch him? Were merpeople social with humans like dolphins were and like to be touch? I felt like I had opened a new avenue in communicating with merpeople. When conducting research on animals, people often think about how they can pacify them. But if merpeople and humans could communicate peacefully and we could meet their demands, wouldn’t that mean we can understand them better? I started to take his lead and relaxed my hand, feeling the solid contours of his abs. His skin was shiny and smooth, and his muscles were rock solid. A feeling of excitement rose from within me and I couldn’t deny it. If this were to be the body of
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Chapter 9: Handjob for a Merman
On one hand, I was rubbing his dick up and down, on the other I was trying to brainwash myself that this wasn’t what I was doing. The foreskin on his dick seemed like it was stuck to my palm. I couldn’t help but imagine if a merman were to have intercourse, his foreskin would have stuck onto the vaginal walls and their partner wouldn’t be able to get away. This train of thought caused me to blush in both my face and ears. To make this embarrassing experience end as soon as possible, I decided to rub faster to speed up his release. As expected, the dick in my hand grew hotter and it grew even larger than before. The merman’s breathing became increasingly labored and his tail tangled around my legs like it had a mind of its own. He also thrust forward and backward along with the movement of my hand. How did things turn out like this — embracing each other, my hand stimulating his penis, and his tail intertwining around my legs. It was as though I was having intercourse with the
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Chapter 10: The Irresistible Rut
Utilizing the darkness before dawn, I sneakily escaped back into my own cabin. I stripped off my tattered clothing, grabbed a towel, and hopped into the bathroom. If Gary were to ask, I could just say that I was taking a shower and didn’t hear him calling for me. This seemed like a good idea. Eventually, I stopped hearing his voice. I turned on the shower in relief. As the warm water rushed down my body, I could feel the tension leave my body. But even then, my heart still felt unsettled. Memories of the cool sensation of the merman’s body against mine were twirling within my mind, causing an array of thoughts. The fragrance the merman emitted clung to my body. The soap couldn’t mask the scent no matter how much I used. It gets further embarrassing because the mermaid’s robust form and mating behavior was stuck in my mind.I must have become crazy. Even as I endlessly remembered everything that just happened, the sensation of water trickling down on me in the shower blende
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