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Cursed on his wedding day which led to the of his bride, Ichabod must fight with his inner demon to get a cure by all means or lose his mortality forever. His cure was Harmony, a successful actress who needed a bodyguard.Harmony has always dreamt of the man with the shimmering red eyes. Little did she know that her dreams were more realistic than she thought. Things got worse when she was rescued by an unknown man. Soon she felt like someone was after her life, someone who she knew from her dreams....Then she hired a bodyguard who turned out to be the man of her dreams. The one she was running from...How would Ichabris protect Harmony from his demon...and at the same time get his cure? Would he get her to fall for him...or would he give in to his demon and lose his humanity forever?

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LeShannon Juneau
amazing book
2021-03-02 12:18:38
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A great book??
2020-09-03 02:25:14
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Mildred Shanaine Kingco
I like it short but concise. No heavy drama and winding around with many characters. Kudos
2020-08-03 20:17:00
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Praise Odulesi
Woah! This book, is so good! Got me really hooked! I love ya Ichabod! Haha ? Gosh author, you're fabulous. I wanna read more! The narration; Understandable. I hope I get to finish it. Not a fan of supernatural, but I like this one. Good good work. Love it! 5 star for you??
2020-07-14 15:51:31
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Oyebode Adeola Florence
Wow I read this book on Ebonystory! Love to meet you here TobiLoba
2020-07-07 09:14:38
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Oni Kehinde
Fabulous book ,read it over and over.Talented Author
2020-07-05 21:04:33
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Rehana Siraj
Superb story. just read the first and second chapter. it's awesome.
2020-07-05 02:28:50
user avatar
Tobi Loba
let me know what you think of the story. cheers
2020-06-12 16:06:05
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Andrea Taus
The story is nice, not too long or too short. Thanks for a good story. ?
2020-07-12 21:02:44
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Hi Tobi! Glad to see you here too. Anyway I can reach you?
2020-07-01 05:53:29
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BoluwaTIFE Oluseun
2021-01-11 17:39:01
58 Chapters
The wind howled and the breeze that followed rattled the stool, the noise jerked the drunken old man back into consciousness. Old Adam opened his sleepy eyes a little. He wiped the saliva from the bottom of his lips where he sat hunched over in his lounge chair. Everywhere in the cemetery was pitch black. How come the night came so suddenly? The old man thought in his mind. It was barely hours ago when the sky was painted in hues of different colors...The little fire he had made close to him to get him warmed was already out and he began to search for his torch, with his hands searching everything on the stool and around him, blindly. At first, his hand touched the metal cup on the table, he was careful enough not to tip the cup over. Finally, he felt his feet pressing on something hard on the ground, and then he remembered, he had purposely kept the torch under his feet for easy finding. Old age was catching on him. He turned on the torch but the night was too thi
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Chapter 2
HARMONYShe stood up from where she lay on the ground, gathering the hem of her wedding gown with one hand while holding the knife in her hand, the expression on her face was that of satisfaction as she stared at the knife. The blood of her victim was dropping in thick droplets on to the carpeted floor.  The man writhed on the ground, in a great agony; blood was oozing from his chest. He kept starring at her, desperation to know why she had killed him was visible in her eyes. She took another look at him, this time with a cold expression, the hatred was burning through her and it seemed as if even the death which she had punished him with was not enough. Finally, she dropped the knife on his body and then still looking at him as he spat out blood, she pulled out the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, and she threw it at him.He spat more blood...“Wh...why?” He managed to ask but that minute, she dipped a h
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Chapter 3
HARMONY“Lord please even if I die, keep my baby safe please, please, please.”Those were the prayers I found myself repeating over and over again even when I felt the brightness of the headlamps so close, I shut my eyes tight. This was the end of everything, I could tell it was just a matter of seconds before it crashed into us but all of a sudden, I heard a shrieking noise and I shut my ears while still holding Tracy close. It wasn’t a crashing noise at all, instead, it was like someone pulling perhaps the brake of....I looked up and to my amazement, the trailer was slowing down even though the tip was almost already touching the front of my car. I couldn’t see what was happening but, I realized the door of the trailer was opened and whoever was inside was pulling the brake somehow...Oh my god! Oh my god! Without thinking, I grabbed Tracy in my arms, opened the door and climbed out of the car and began to run further back, away from the sight.“Mumm
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Chapter 4
ICHABODHe had been sleeping peacefully quietly and peacefully in his bed when he immediately felt this sudden rush and fear in his spine. Quickly he woke up. He couldn’t explain the way his mind was rising and falling but he knew that she was in danger. Again...as always! No matter how much the other part of him wanted to ignore this danger signal, his beastly side would never let him rest without doing anything. He groaned. It was so damn difficult being two people at the same time but he couldn’t help it. It didn’t take him much time to figure out where and what was happening. Just to relax and pay attention was all that his other side required. His ears caught the cry for help and his brain calculated the distance. All that was left was for his super-fast legs to carry him there in a flash!She was on the road quite alright and where she was in her car, it was just a matter of time before the trailer crushed her down. Quickly, he got into the truck,
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Chapter 5
ICHABODHe woke up where he was. His eyes hurt terribly and he snapped them shut. The older man was pulling down the curtains on the windows of his room, darkening the room.“You awake?”He groaned and opened his eyes.. “What time is it?”“It’s 12pm.” His butler replied.“Wow, the time is long gone.” He stated, now standing up and pulling the robe from the near-by chair, he put it on while waiting for his butler to pull down all the curtains in the big room.“What time did you get in last night?” The butler asked.He walked to the keyboard while wearing his robe before sitting down. “I can’t remember, was around some minutes past four I think. “ He replied, his mind was vague, it usually happened like that but everything would come back later.“How are you?” He sighed, Adams liked asking him so many questions. He didn’t blame him though, he was after all concerned. “I will be fin
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Chapter 6
“That was one very fucked up life.” Adams said, pouring him another drink. “So you killed your wife on your wedding day and you were then locked up in a coffin.”He smiled, “yea, cheers to that.”Adams sighed. “So that night that you found me, at the grave yard, that was Odin that I met.”“Yea, he is the reckless, evil one.”“Cos I was so surprised when you woke up the next day and you were all gentle and apologetic about kidnapping a poor old man but seeing you in your normal self, I had to just stay. Your luck is the worst I have ever encountered.”“Thanks for the compliment.” He replied and they both cheered before drinking.“So what next?” Adams asked.“The next thing is for me to go find this lady. The witch had said the salvation of one is the downfall of one, meaning, whichever one gets to her first. Odin has been creeping out in the midnight to meet her, if she ever allows her in, I would lose. ““Allow her in how?”“Well
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Chapter 7
 “I can’t deal with this right now Vivi. Look, I know you are wise and smart. You can handle things on your own. Call me later.” She said into the phone before ending the call. After this, she put the phone in the purse to focus on the magazine on her laps.She was at the salon with lots of heat blowing into her skull from the hair dryer. Her movie was going to be premiered the next day and all hands were on deck but still she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was about to happen in her life. What could it be?You know that feeling you have when you feel like you have forgotten something and you couldn’t stop thinking about what it could be, yea, that feeling.Her mind drifted off to the dream she had two nights ago, it had started so sweet and her body had responded in the most amazing manner. She couldn’t understand why she felt as if she had never been with a man before. It was so strong. She wanted him so badly in her dream-this same man but wh
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Chapter 8
Harmony sat in the comfort of her living room, wearing just her long white bathing robe and holding in her hand a glass of martini. A fresh white flower was tucked in her hair. Vivian sat beside her with her laptop on her lap. A man stood before them. He was tall, dark and well built.“So I just went through your background record now, it showed you have been t o the prison thrice Mr John.” Vivian said, starring at the man from the back of her wide rimmed glasses.“That’s right ma’am.” John replied.“Do you mind telling us more about the case of theft you were charge with?” Harmony asked.“Well, it was a long time ago. I stole someone’s car and I got admonished for it. That was all, I have done my part and I have been cleared.”Harmony and Vivi exchanged glances.“Okaydokey. So, what are the things you possess that will make you qualified for this job?” Vivian asked.“Oh, I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” John said exc
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Chapter 9
Adams waited at the driver’s seat patiently humming to himself when all of a sudden, the door burst opened, startling him.“Oh mine! Ichabod! You almost gave me a fit! Why were you back so....” He kept quiet as he recognized the twitched face and the cyan eyes. In a low growl, Odin ordered, “drive!”“Okay.” Adams said without further ado and switched on the engine.**He got off the car, slamming the door after him before walking into the house in a dominant movement. Adams watched him enter the house before he got off and walked after him. He wondered what had happened but he knew for sure that Odin must have messed things up. When he got inside, he met him pouring himself a drink. Adam stayed further back before asking.“What happened, Odin?”“That moron wouldn’t listen to me!” Odin growled, slamming the bottom of the cup against the table. “He just has this insane attitude of disobeying me. I knew it was De
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Chapter 10
“You look so good Harmony.” She scoffed at Michael’s compliment. They were in a restaurant, the three of them but Tracy was busy fiddling with the new tab her father had brought her, she had huge earphones attached to her ears, shutting her out of the adults’ conversation. “Save your compliments Michael, I don’t need them.” Harmony replied, taking a bite of her food.“You have also done such a remarkable work with our daughter, she has ....”“Hold on right there.” Harmony cut in. “Did you just saw ‘our’ daughter?”Michael nodded but she scoffed.“Seems you have forgotten that you told me you didn’t want her so she is not your daughter.”“Come on, this is why I am here Harmony. I want to make things right.” “What things are you talking about? There is nothing that you need to set right here. Wait, where were you those years ago? Where were you when I was in the labor room? Now all of a sudden you want to make things right?”Mic
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