Chapter 16: The Troupe

Mira revealed herself from behind the stall and Eldion stood behind her. "Rentha! Why am I not surprised? And you have your back-up dancers with you," Mira said.

"Thunka told us to follow you if we see you leaving the palace. It seems she could smell a deserter," said Rentha."

"I saw you following us a long distance. Perhaps you need to practice your covert tailing skills some more," said Mira.

"Enough of this!" said Rentha, clicking her heels and revealing pointed nails attached to her shoes. "You will come with us and return to Thunka."

"Or what?" asked Mira, taking a defensive stance. Casser, upon seeing Mira's pose, decided to follow her and stepped a foot forward while lifting his fists awkwardly. Eldion planted his feet firmly on the ground and waited.

"Maresha! Do it!" said Rentha and Maresha started swinging her ball of yarn.

"Watch out for her ball!" cried Mira, but was too late. Maresha released her ball and it hurtled through the

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