Twenty Nine

Chapter Twenty Nine 

"I'm not going daddy and you can't make me!"

Shelly rolled her eyes. Here we go again with the princess being so annoying. Who cares if she joins them for the trip or not. All that mattered is that she had actually done it. They had won the plane tickets for a family vacation.

"Princess, it's not compulsory for you to go alright." Roy patted his daughter's hair.

She smiled. "Oh, of course then. Let's be on our way."

Chase shrinked back from her. "Uhm you go ahead first."

She glared daggers at him and turned towards her dad expectantly. "Daddy?"

"Baby girl run along. The driver will take you home," he said.

"What about you?" She asked surprised.

"Oh, I and Chase will join the Hillarys for a little family dinner and rejoicing then we'll discuss where we are gonna go for the vacation," he replied casually.

Cindy saw red. "What! You're going for the vacation with... them?"

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