Chapter Seventy-Eight

Shelly stared at her mother, standing in front of her with her hands fisted on her waist, her face scrunched up in concern and sadness.

This was the last thing she wanted. She didn't want her mom to be sad.

"Mommy?" She called quirking her brows in a questioning manner.

"Oh good, you're finally alive," her mom snapped at her.

She pouted, "I wasn't dead before." Okay, maybe she was but not literally.

Her mom smirked at her, "Yeah, a walking zombie will be the more reasonable name."

She chuckled. She had missed this. Talking to people and not zoning off. She felt like she had been in a shell and now there were cracks in that shell.

"Mom, don't tease me," she pouted a small smile playing on her lips.

She watched her mom wipe off a stray tear that trickled down her cheeks. She stared at her concerned.

"What is the problem, mom?"

Her mom shook her head softly, "I'm just happy

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