Chapter Eighty-Nine

Roy Champman paced up and down in the police station waiting to make a statement and get a police officer to take back to his house so whoever it was that attacked his wife could be arrested.

He couldn't help but be scared and think about what could have possibly happened to her. He was so scared he didn't notice the woman that walked in with a young boy till she tapped him softly on the shoulders.

"Roy Champman?"

He heard the soft timid voice as he turned around and saw the face of a woman that was once beautiful except for the fact that her face had a large scar that ran from her right eye through her left cheek. She was almost blinded by the scar but somehow the scar hadn't affected her eyes.

With her short black curls and brown eyes, she looked oddly familiar. But when his eyes landed on the little boy of not less than seven years she was holding his eyes widened in shock.

The baby was a splitting image

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