Daddy (Part Two)

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the unwavering support that you give to my first baby. 'Daddy' wouldn't be this successful without you guys so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. If someone told me two years ago that my story would be a hit, I would laugh at it. I don't have a strong fanbase, I don't have loyal readers, I have nothing when I started writing this story. I just love writing so much that I keep on updating this story whether I get a hundred views a day or not at all.

I know some of you wish a different ending and to be honest, I kind of wish the same too. This is why instead of totally ending the story, I decided to write the second part. I can't wait to share this with you guys. Daddy (Part Two) is now available on GoodNovel and here's the blurb;

A long way from home and away from the men that broke his heart, Ashton has slowly adjusted to his new life. He's gained some friends from his new school, and met Harry–a hot and handsome student that he doesn't want to be associated with because rumor has it that he is a gangster, but it seems that destiny is playing tricks on Ashton because Harry asked him to pose as his fake boyfriend. Ashton who's desperate to move on from his past decided to accept Harry's proposal. There is one thing that troubling him though, Harry is always gentle with him and it gives him an odd feeling of discomfort since he's used to men treating him as their slave.

The length that Ashton goes to feel the domination he now desire gets him into trouble that he could ever imagine and this time, he doesn't have the charismatic Mendez brothers to rescue him.


Gracias and I love you all. :) I want you to know that by reading my story, you save a life. I'm forever grateful for that. Protection Status