I Turned Gay After A Drunken Night

I Turned Gay After A Drunken Night

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“What's done is done! Let's just forget it!” He said and acted nonchalantly, even though he was cowering in fear because something was telling him that the stranger in front of him didn't intend to let go. The man's frown increases and Hayden swears that the temperature in the room increases multiple times. After winning over his heart and stealing his first, this boy wanted to avoid responsibility, which made Zenos annoyed. “You want to run away from me?” He asked in annoyance, and suddenly Hayden found himself under the man without even knowing how. “I'm just…” Hayden wasn't able to finish his words before he was domineeringly kissed by the stranger. Zenos used his left hand to pin Hayden's hand on top of Hayden's head effortlessly. Hayden tried to struggle and blocked the stranger's tongue from dominating his mouth by pressing his lips against each other stubbornly, but the man unexpectedly bit Hayden's bottom lips, making Hayden yelp in pain. The man used that chance to clean all the taste of strawberries in Hayden's mouth, while his right hand continued to stroke Hayden's body wantonly. When Hayden was starting to go dizzy due to shortness of breath, he was released by the man's assault. He breathed in and out rapidly and thanked heaven for the chance to live again. “You can't run away from me… You are mine” Zenos growled into Hayden's neck possessively. Hayden felt a shiver run through his spine after hearing the stranger's words. His breath hitched as the man licked his earlobe and kissed his neck with extreme familiarity, domineeringly. “Mine,” the stranger proclaimed again. Cover isn't mine, found online

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Trish Moonias
Is there any character growth? And how often do you update?
2023-03-20 13:56:07
default avatar
Trish Moonias
Is there any character growth? And how often do you update?
2023-03-20 13:54:01
248 Chapters
PROLOGUEYears back On the outskirts of the city, the road was deserted with hardly any cars passing by except an expensive car that was parked near the road. Heavy rain was falling, and it was very chilly that late afternoon. “Mom! Please don't leave!” A little boy of 6 years who was just dropped from an expensive car cried out, he was afraid of the things to come if his mother dumped him in an unknown and deserted place where there appears to be no signs of humans. The little boy was a bit thin and malnourished, he was dressed in dirty and worn-out clothing from head to toe, but that couldn't even hide his handsome and noble expression. He cried out pitifully with tears streaming down his handsome little face. He was trying to pull the woman's gown, but the woman looked unfazed, dressed in expensive luxury from up to down, she coldly pushed the small boy away with contempt and disgust written on her face while the guards watched everything nonchalantly. The woman pushed the boy
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Did Your Little Brother Come To Life For Him?”
“When is that little doctor coming back?” Zenos questioned as he made his way to the club's private lobby calmly amidst ambient lighting, blasting music, making out couples, dancing and sweating bodies, etc. He coldly ignored the people who were batting their eyes at him seductively. Thinking that it would help Zenos relax and let out steam as the search engine said; Zenos's friends decided to drag him to a popular club in the city to make him lose his composure and probably act like the teen he is or hopefully finds someone who'd catch his eyes.“Michael is older than you!” Jude interrupted with amusement, making Zenos scoff at him. A dancing girl passed by them while throwing a flirtatious gaze.“He should be back before next week, his seminar has been extended,” Sean said calmly while eating a banana. David and Jude shook their heads at Sean's eating fruit habit, but it's known among them that messing with Sean's fruit is equal to looking for death, which made them unable to do a
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The loud noise didn't resonate well with Hayden, but the excitement pictured on Andy's face made him keep his shut. Besides, he'll be meeting Rose, the girl he has been courting for almost 2 weeks in a few minutes which made him a little eager. Suddenly, Hayden's whole body screamed alert as he felt like he was being watched by an intense gaze. After being occasionally targeted, he tends to know when danger is near, but subconsciously he found himself relaxing because the gaze doesn't mean danger, instead it kind of brings a safe feeling to him. Hayden lifted his head to look in the direction of the intense gaze, but seeing numerous people and the inability to see those people's faces, he turned and walked away while holding Andy's hand.“Invite to the dancing room. Mr., be my partner!” Andy said with a laugh as he bowed playfully. Hayden smacked Andy's hand away. “Be serious”. Hayden warned coldly and then dragged him towards the bartender amidst dancing bodies and a flirtatio
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It's Not Beneficial To Me.
Hayden can't help thinking if that man was the real predator and just pretended to be his knight last night. Hayden's brows soon furrowed at his stupid thought. What was he thinking? How can a man be a man's knight? He started scolding himself inwardly.“You've forgotten?” The stranger finally replied to the blond with a pale face question but with a chilling voice, furrowed brows, and a cold expression that made no sense to Hayden. Why is he annoyed at him? Hayden thought. Shouldn't he be the one who should be angry that he was taken advantage of when he was drunk? He glared at the stranger. Zenos solemnly stared at the boy who they had both rolled around in the sheet last night, to think that the boy did not remember everything he said and did, annoyed and pained him even if they just met last night, and it was a one-night stand. Hayden's mouth turns dry, and shivers run through his spine with the cold tone the stranger uses to talk to him. Just two words sent chills down Hayd
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CHAPTER 5 - Thank You, No!
Zenos scoffed in amusement. “Unbeneficial to you? You're the one at a loss? When did it become your turn to claim those words? Who was the one crying, begging, and panting for more, faster while I do the work?”. Zenos accused, making the multiple feelings coursing through Hayden disperse as he began to blush in embarrassment.“Never, I didn't say it!” Hayden cried out in denial, flustered. He glared at Zenos for making him lose the composure he was trying to gather easily.“You don't like to admit it, do you?” Zenos was able to point out Hayden's behavior easily.“It's true that it was not beneficial to me. My back was the one not functioning now, not yours.” He complained in annoyance.“Unbeneficial to you, you said again?” Zenos strides toward Hayden, who's glaring at him, and holds his (H) chin with a dark expression. “You have lots of courage, young boy.”“Stop calling me a young boy,” Hayden said irritatedly and smacked Zenos's hand away. “Don't act as if you're that much older
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It hurts
When Hayden saw Zenos enter the bathroom, Hayden immediately tried to sit up, but the pain that shot down his spine made him cry out in pain. “Damn Zenos. It hurts!”As soon as Hayden managed to climb down the bed and stand up, he cried out in pain, he held and slowly rubbed his paining waist. Hayden's legs were shaking, his behind was painful and throbbing. He felt dizzy and weak, which caused him to collapse to the ground. The intense pain caused tears to drop from his eyes and without knowing he really started crying. Why? How come? He and a stranger. His eyes traced the used condoms on the floor, the used condoms that were used on him. Hayden's right hand made its way to his hair. His heart began to beat faster as he slowly tried to arrange his thoughts. He disliked gays ever since that incident, but how come he wasn't disgusted by Zenos's? Don't tell him that he wasn't straight from the beginning. No, he shook his head and cleaned his tears. Last night he still felt irritate
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(A/N: All Hayden's words and actions in the chapter are slurred because he is drunk, but for the reader's convenience, I decided not to break the speech!) Only God knows what the boy read from his phone, his face suddenly turned beet red in annoyance, and he suddenly downed the alcohol in his hand in one gulp. He continued his actions until he was drunk. His low guard attracted many people to his side. Zenos was more annoyed when a potbellied middle-aged man with an evil motive approached the drunk Hayden. The man's name is Mr. Daniel. He was a rich pedophile who always took fancy to young and fresh meat like Hayden but hasn't been caught by the law because he always used his money to bribe the authorities whenever he was caught. Zenos was so annoyed that without thinking, he walked downstairs toward Hayden. By the time he reached Hayden's side, he saw the middle-aged man reaching out his hand to Hayden's face saying: “little boy, follow this uncle alright, don't be stubborn!” Mr.
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He So Holds Grudges.
Zenos arched his eyebrows at Hayden's words. He didn't know Hayden was this tough and with Hayden acting like this, Zenos wondered if Hayden had faced something similar to this in the past. Is that one of the reasons why Hayden wore a mask? Zenos was getting more interested in this person. Mr. Daniel upon hearing Hayden's words at once tried to grab Hayden's trousers, but Hayden ducked staggeringly while stepping on Mr. Daniel's hand as hard as possible.“Please, not my children.” He cried out with tears, snots, and sweats coming out of his face, nose, and body. “They are innocent, please. If you want to blame or punish anyone, just do it to me, please not my kids, they are still young!” The middle man begged as tears streamed down his eyes profusely. “Then what about those little children you're assaulting, aren't they innocent, aren't they here to have fun? Weren't you the evil one who ruined their life? You care about your children, but you ruined other people's lives.” Hayden's
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Is It Sweet?
Hayden's face moved closer, and suddenly, his lips fell on Zenos's cheek. This is simply too much! Zenos's guards thought in anger, but whenever one of them tried to remove the unrestrained young master's hand that was clinging onto Zenos, Hayden would hold Zenos closer and pull for his dear life. When the drunk Hayden saw that the bodyguard would soon throw him off, he bit on Zenos's hand and pulled Zenos's skin with his teeth as the bodyguard pulled him. Hayden laughed wickedly. Pulled him, he hurt the handsome! Seeing their boss being hurt by Hayden, they reluctantly let go. Hayden smiled smugly and turned to Zenos. “Buddy, tell them to let go!” He whispered silently so only Zenos could hear. Zenos's eyes immediately darkened in anger. 'Buddy? He was just a buddy to Hayden? Does Hayden think he's just like that Andy guy?' he thought in annoyance. “What's my reward?” Zenos asked. Hayden's eyes lit up, and his lips fell on Zenos's. “Reward!” He muttered drunkenly. Zenos was
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What Does He Not Know About Me?
Unknowing that the robe was personally designed by Zenos and all Zenos's friends wanted to have one, but Zenos didn't agree, to his friend's annoyance. After finding new toiletries. Weird, that he found his size. Hayden soon froze! Is this person a playboy? But wait, he reconsiders it when he discovers that it's only two there, and they were his size only, maybe this person prepared it for him. His lips curved up into a smile, and he hurriedly pulled on the clothes. He picked up his phone with a sigh, and he remembered his clothes. Sighs! That means he would just have to say bye to his expensive buttons.Hayden walked to the bedroom door happily while thinking that after leaving this place he'd make sure to run away from Zenos. And never to set eyes upon him. He even promised himself to forget about last night and Zenos altogether. Perhaps not so fast because when Hayden tried to open the door, to his annoyance, it was locked. Shit! It was locked and there was no key at the door
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