Chapter 588 - Karma...!!!

"Where is that person?" But, of course, David didn't forget about the actual matter since he couldn't wait to see that person who almost ruined his lifetime happiness.

"He is there." Kevin pointed in the other direction,

David followed Kevin and entered a dark room.

The room was so dark they couldn't even see their own hands until Kevin's men switched on the light, but a horrific scene caught them off guard.

The man was chained to the pillar, lying on the ground, and his entire body was bruised with wounds, but that's not what shocked them; they were very familiar with this man.

When the man realized people had entered the room, he shivered, crawled backward, and raised his hand to cover his eyes, but he didn't say a word.

"Hello, Mr. Smith; how are you?" Kevin asked with a beautiful smile when he saw the man looking at him with fear in his eyes.

When the man heard Kevin call him, he looked at Kevin; even though he was afraid, he looked at him and yelled at him, "Ungrateful bas

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Wilberene Cameron
I don’t understand why pages 8 & 9 and nothing whiten on them Nonsense
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Ohhhh yes!!!..

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