Scene 7

Cheryl's search isn't over yet. After, she risked her pride and ended up straying, making Cheryl not give up. But Cheryl is getting more and more excited so that her prince will fall into her arms.

College continues, even though Cheryl still skips to fight for her love. And Rose always sacrifices herself.

Rose and Cheryl spread charm in the engineering faculty. Who knows, they might be another prince charming reserve. Cheryl doesn't understand herself transforming into a weird girl. But she was enjoying it all. Cheryl wanted to forget the troubles that had happened to her at home—not recognized.

Cheryl blew her bangs. Still in the process of waiting, who knows how long. Meanwhile, Rose focused on her cellphone. Occasionally she smiled. However, Cheryl didn't care about Rose's activities. She wanted to meet the handsome one as soon as possible.

"I'll go to the shop first." Rose left. Cheryl is still sitting there.

"No, it's too late. Just come along." Cheryl followed Rose. The two friends walked, hugging like lovers, so intimate they could be called a lesbian couple. Fortunately, their orientation is still expected. Cheryl likes to hug Rose. For her, Rose is an angel.

Cheryl and Rose come into the shop.

"Hello." Cheryl turned around, and she saw a handsome man standing there. Who? Indeed, many know her. It's just that Cheryl has a hard time remembering people's names unless that person contributed to her life.

"Cheryl, right?" The man asked again. Cheryl paid attention to his appearance, handsome too. Why has Cheryl been seeing so many gorgeous men lately? Did they just come out of hiding?

"Yes." Cheryl replied with a dirty face. If people are not known, people will know Cheryl as an arrogant girl. If they knew Cheryl, they'd know how messy Cheryl was, like a worm.

"I'm Galvin. We were neighbors first." The tall and well-built man smiled. Galvin knows Cheryl. They used to be neighbors. It's just that Cheryl rarely hangs out and leaves the house, so she doesn't know who her neighbors are.

"Oh yes."

"Hi, I'm Floren. This is Cheryl, my friend is her single. You too, right?" Out of nowhere, Rose is pretentiously familiar, as if she has known Galvin for years. Galvin smiled at Rose.

"Oh hi."

"Her name is Rose." Cheryl's correction. For some reason, she didn't want people to call her best friend by her real name. Everyone could only get her; just call her Tose.

"Hey, my name is pretty called Rose. You have to know Cher, it's hard to make names, slaughter goats, slaughter cows, some even cut rats."

"Is there?" Cheryl said innocently. She turned to Rose, who was laughing out loud, laughing at Cheryl's overreaching innocence.

"Oh yeah." That's not what made Cheryl pretend to be stupid. Cheryl knows, knows very well. It's just that, Cheryl knows, her name must never have slaughtered a goat. The name is just a name without meaning. Cheryl knows life is never everyday like the others.

Cheryl never felt a happy childhood like a perfect Rose life. Cheryl's life was filled with wounds and question marks. When was she happy?

Cheryl took a deep breath. How long would she torture herself by comparing herself? Isn't it that everyone has their destiny?

"Oh yeah, you're in engineering faculty?" The heart may be sad, but the mission is still being carried out, right?

"Yes." Cheryl's smile immediately rose so brightly. This is an opportunity for her.

"Okay let it be fair. We are re acquaintances, I'm Cheryl, 3rd semester student, majoring in English Literature." Cheryl held out her hand.

"Galvin, 5th semester, Electrical Engineering."

"That means you know Juna?" Rose coughed. Cheryl was annoyed to see Rose's strange behavior. Huh, your friends don't support, Cheryl is in fashion now, so that the prince on horseback falls into her arms.

"I know. We're a gang." Cheryl winked at Rose. Aha, the universe supports her now. Soon, Juna will be hers. Cheryl is sure Juna also harbored the same feelings.

"Hehehe, where the mate is not." whisper Cheryl. She took out het cell phone.

"Share your number. We can be friends, right?"

"Yes, who doesn't want to be friends with beautiful girls." Cheryl's cheeks flushed red.

"Cough-cough ... ouch, my chest hurts. Ouch, my heart is broken." Cheryl snorted in annoyance. She kicked Rose. Due to illness, Rose stepped on Cheryl's feet with her expensive shoes. Cheryl only wear normal loafers, the lowest price.

"Damn it hurts!" shouted Cheryl is in pain. Rose stuck her tongue at her best friend.

"Right, I go first, okay? I'll contact you later." Cheryl retook her cellphone and held the cellphone tightly, don't lose it because of something valuable there.

"Bye. I'll chat later." Shouted Cheryl. Many people pay attention to their tacky behavior.

"Yuhuu ... for the sake of what, soon my prince, will be completely Cheryl's." Rose still silent. She is also happy if Cheryl is happy. It is a kind of the motto of Rose's life, glad to see her friend happy.

"Come back." Finally, Cheryl can study calmly, and even Cheryl is so earnestly listening, when her favorite lecturer asks, Cheryl just gives the sweetest smile. Because she never paid attention to what the lecturer said. Cheryl was daydreaming, yes, daydreaming very far.

If you are curious, what Cheryl was daydreaming about, Cheryl imagined what places they would stop by, their honeymoon later, so far. Even Cheryl had already guessed the names of the children she would give. Yes, that girl's outrage has gone beyond limits.

Cheryl quietly took out her cell phone. And started looking up the name Galvin.

C: hi-hi. I'm happy now, hey. I'm Cheryl, the most beautiful student in class 😆😆🤪🤪🤪🤪🤭🤭🤭.

G: Didn't you learn now?

C: I am. how come you learn. Are you coming in too?

G: no. Come in at 3 o'clock.

C: are you with Juna?

G: Juna left earlier.

C: my future husband, what is he doing?

G: usual, hanging out.

C: hey. Can I have Juna's number?

G: Juna .....

"Yes." Cheryl cheered. Without realizing it, the whole class noticed Cheryl, who was giggling all this time. Everyone was very familiar with the girl, so they could only shake their heads. She was leaving Rose, who was embarrassed because of her friend's miraculous behavior. Rose looked down when all her friends watched Cheryl like she wanted to eat Cheryl half alive because she was annoyed.

"What's wrong with you?" Cheryl is stupid. Already knowing wrong, she even asked out loud. The class shook their heads again.

"What happened Cheryl?" Asked the lecturer, who made Cheryl a favorite child.

"It's okay mam." Cheryl grinned. Because she was too late, Rose finally pinched Cheryl. Rose pretended to write. The lecturer was lecturing at the front. Cheryl was busy with her world.

"So you understand, right? Last night's assignment at 8 o'clock. Look for a video about Ugandan culture, how do they shake hands. Write a conclusion. If you know, mam is very memorized for students who copy and paste. That's mam to give an E, don't try. If you try copy and paste, every website mam visit. " Cheryl was already in a cold sweat. She was one of the perpetrators of copy and pasted assignments from the internet. Last semester with a different lecturer and a very detailed dose of tasks, Cheryl got a C grade. Luckily, she didn't get an E, so she repeated it the next semester.

Cheryl coded for Rose. Rose is diligent because, after college, she immediately does her assignments and collects assignments at the beginning of time. And that does not apply to Cheryl. Cheryl prefers 'the power of trapped,' yes, this beautiful, long-haired girl will work 1 hour before the deadline. The result, at random and of course, the copy and paste from the internet. Cheryl didn't even have time to read what he was making. The principle is, 'the important thing is to gather.'

"Just for now. I brought a laptop, we can use campus wifi." Out of consciousness, Cheryl wanted to do it now. This is also a tactic because Rose will work on it, and Cheryl is waiting for the result, 'submit done.' Must be grateful like how much Cheryl's life is because there is Rose there. Cheryl wants to make Role a role model, but they're in the same age.

Cheryl always thought, how lucky is the man who managed to get Rose's heart. Rose is so smart, diligent, a harmonious family, not stingy, rich. All perfection is in the figure of Rose. As if God was smiling happily when He created Rose. Not for Cheryl. She felt that she lived in this world because of a curse. How her biological parents never recognized her, and until this moment, Cheryl never knew who her biological father was. Cheryl doesn't even know the name.

She just imagined her biological father's face. Cheryl's brain does not reach there, as if Cheryl was told to imagine how heaven and hell would be. Cheryl herself often guessed how old her birth father was. Is he the same age as her mother? Is it older? But how much? Cheryl's brain couldn't process it all.

Cheryl closed her eyes. Ah already, why does she continue to be so late in her life. Cheryl wants to be happy, but life and family problems always haunt her days. Cheryl felt uncomfortable.

Because of Rose's kindness and generosity, Cheryl's job was finished before the deadline. An achievement to be reckoned with. You know, what did Cheryl do when Rose was severe about making assignments for them? Cheryl annoys Rose. Never mind, be unhelpful, troublesome, and now Cheryl is taking on Rose. Luckily Rose's stock of patience contains a full factory, which she produces herself, mostly to deal with Cheryl's miraculous behavior.

Florence Rosea. It means roses. Like a beautiful flower and eye conditioning, that means the Rose in Cheryl's life. He is a complement to Cheryl's soul conditioning. Cheryl without Roses is like coffee without sugar.

"I love Rose. May our friendship be old. Will be forever."

"If you want to be friends until your old age. At least we are friends for 7 years." Cheryl calculated that she had only known Mawar more for a year. This means that Cheryl still owes her the next six years to be friends with Rose forever.

"For me, we've known all our lives." Cheryl felt that she had known Rose all her life, in the sense that she had known her for a long time, not a year. Because of their intimacy and intimacy that exceeded the limits.

"Yeah, you right." Mawar replied lazily. The course is over. But Cheryl and Rose aren't home yet. Rose said that while still on campus, Cheryl, a parasite of Rose, only followed suit. Because she too, lazy to be at home. There is no description of 'home sweet home' for Cheryl. In Cheryl's eyes, 'my home was hell.'

"Oh my, how could that be. I forgot my prince on horseback." 

Cheryl swiftly, looking for her cell phone. She rummaged through his bag and found Juna's name there. Finally, Cheryl saved the title with a contact: Pony Riding Prince.

"Let me send the message." Cheryl gave her cellphone to Rose, who was smiling graciously, like someone in love.

C: hi, I'm your future ^^. I hope you can get to know me. Take care of your heart for me, ^^.

Cheryl just glared, did not think Rose would be that late if he is natural because he is too excessive.

"Uh, first acquaintance. Later mistakenly, I'm a strange girl who chats with him." Cheryl protests. She should have introduced himself well.

"It's the same. He doesn't know the number. So, he must know, after all, Galvin already said, he shared the number for you." Cheryl breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

"Ah ... Rose .. I can't wait, have a real boyfriend." Cheryl hugged Rose.

"Hopefully he will reply." said Rose. Not long after, Cheryl's cell phone rang. Special notification from the prince on horseback.

Prince : .

Cheryl and Rose  just sighed in disappointment, got the message of a seed point. But Cheryl was sure, it was code from Juna, that he wanted Cheryl too.



Finally, there is a feeling too :). Even though this part is not good. The problem is that I want to write them down, and it keeps feeling lost. Even though they want to speed up them, they can enter into conflict to get tough. The thing is, this is a bit of a conflict for her, hehe. I like tormenting the main character, hahaha.

Don't believe if you see my face, who pretends to be a baby face, but a psychopathic soul hahaha. I was laughed evilly.

See you❤. Hope for a good mood, so I can continue to write.

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