Falling In Love With Era

Falling In Love With Era

By:  Taya Moritz  Completed
Language: English
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Era and Simon are best friends since childhood. When Era stopped talking to Simon for two years, his heart is left heartbroken and damaged. But Simon knows it's hard to ignore her when she lives right next door and her room is right across his window. And then Era made a mistake, was gone, and now she has to come back and fix their friendship. But that will include all the suffering watching Simon fall in love with someone else.

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57 Chapters
Chapter One : The day she called.
(Chapter Song: Heavy Heart by RIO) Simon POV Ever since summer hits the ground of Holy Cross Village, I knew that the THE SMITH, the punk rock infamous high school band of our school, released their second album. I knew I had to get away from everyone else that has done nothing but listen to their dire indecent music on tape more than ten times a day. And that is too much for me to bear. Well, I know this because my sister, Kim, never had one night without blasting their music out her window.  I wouldn't say she's obsessed with them, I know it's just a fangirl thing. She at least explains to me, that it somehow has an expiration date so I don't have to constantly worry about it. But I don't think the expiration date she's telling me is somehow just right around the corner. I don't feel it yet. But my personal experience of getting away from eavesdropping on
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Chapter Two: Walking away from her
SIMON POV After that phone call I had with Era, it took me hours to let it sink into my very awed mind. Knowing that Era has still managed to remember our telephone number has left me gasped and shook my head in disbelief. We haven't talked for two years until she called last night and the fact that she still remembers our telephone number wow. I know I have said that a lot for the last hours of my life. I don't think I even slept. I have been staring at my ceiling when Kim knocks twice on the door and opens it eventually knowing it's never locked.  Her  face pops into the door, “Will you drive me to the show?” She asks. It's not asking permission actually, it's just asking if I would drive her to the show, which is an obligation regardless of whether I resist or insist. “I'm busy.” I sigh and close my eyes.&nbs
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Chapter Three: She came back
 SIMON POV TWO YEARS LATER I push the glass entrance door and slip myself in as I try to cover my drunken eyes from last night's party with a black shades on. It's been going for a while now. I find parties numbing a lot of pain. It makes me forget about the old days and some other things including the wound in my family that my father left. I smile at the lady as she walks past me from the line. She has bright red lipstick on and just got her coffee. One more customer before it's my turn. I look around, especially outside. I see. The day is good-looking. Sun is out.  Everyone's shuffling from one place to another. Talking. Stumbling. Smiling. Laughing. They are all different.  When the guy in front of me walks away from the line, I step into the spot he leaves. I look at the girl behind the counter. She has a smile on her lips. I recognize a fam
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Chapter Four: "This is romantic.”
  (Chapter Songs:Nevertheless by RIOHeavy Heart by RIO) SIMON POVI leave my car and walk towards the front of the coffee shop for the second time this morning. The sun burns my skin, so I hurry towards the glass door. When I get inside, I immediately meet her two grey eyes while she’s serving a coffee to the woman in front of her.I don’t make it to the line first, instead I just look for a table to sit down. When I find one to the very corner, which is next to an old man with his granddaughter, I guess, probably, aged between 8 and 10. She is looking at me with a weird stare on her face. Just good. Yeah. Just stare at me, kid. There are more people slipping into their seats but I’m glad there aren’t so much tables so it doesn’t get too crowded. I look away and fix my gaze to the
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Chapter Five: "I need a hug."
SIMON POV   Just right around 2 PM, Era comes out of the coffee shop. I was guessing it would be the same time her shift will be over. I start walking towards her without second guessing. At first she looks surprised seeing me, but also looks like she was expecting me, somehow.  Her hair is up in a bun. Her white shirt is a stained with coffee and she's wearing the same blue washed jeans since last week.    She looks really tired. Her eyes are closing off longer before she opens them. “Are you okay?” Then I realize she is not. “A long day?”   “A good long day. But I’m tired. I'm hungry and I haven't eaten this afternoon.”    “What?” No way she didn’t have a meal this afternoon.   “Yeah, there were a lot of customers. Way too many. Plus my substitute was sick. I had to do some sacrificing.” She throws her head back in frustration, “At least my shift
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It's seven in the evening. Simon is getting us some cake and fruit salad, so while he's gone I wander around his room. It's so quiet and peaceful. There's a sound of soft wind from the window. I missed it being here. Being so comfortable looking at his things like I used to do. But I carefully distance my hands from the frames on his desk. I get a feeling it won't be right to touch them yet. In that picture, there's me and him, probably, six years ago, outside their front yard eating ice cream in the middle of the night. I remember that. I remember he was pushing me to confess to him that I liked him if I don't do it, I have to buy us ice cream. It was a wreck dare because I couldn't say anything about confessing. I would never wanna lie about something I'd never feel. “Sup?” Simon is back with two transparent glasses in his two hands. His eyes drops to the frame behind me. “Were you looking at those?” He asks with a familiar smile hanging ton his lips. I nod, “Yeah. You know it'
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I'm waiting outside the coffee shop. Any minute now. Are should be done with her shift and then we'll go to the frame shop. I'm glad she allows us to do this. The sun is setting down and the people around me. Just enjoying the view of the sky. It always remind me of her. “You should take a picture of it. It's pretty.” Era comes out of the door with her usual after-work outfit. She looks so good in white shirt and a jeans on. It always gives me of a different view on this Era right now. She looks more pure and a definition of feel good. I take my phone and capture the pink sky. Then I grab her hand behind, “Hurry up, it's getting dark. I need to get home early or else your father will scold me getting you home late.” “Yeah.” She stomps on her feet. “He never changed. He's still pretty much the same.” “That's my favorite thing about your dad. He's protective.” “Way over protective sometimes.” She fold her arms like a mad little girl once we get in the car and I start driving off to
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Happiness is a motion of moments. It happens when you see someone you love smile at certain things that both of you used to know and now still remembers. It's when you find this one place that reminds you of pure joy and freedom and innocence. It feels like you never wanna get back home anymore. It seems like the problems are gone. My broken family is forgotten and now I'm sitting to the person that makes me forget I was ever lonely or messed up. Happiness is when that person makes you feel valued. Era makes me feel valued. “So how long was it with you and Brad?” I finally found the courage to ask because I've been trying to avoid it but also I've been thinking about it. Era licks on her ice cream before she answers me. “It was that night when I told you I didn't want to fix things with you. That was... the night he ended things between us.” “How so? I mean you were so in love.” My eyes find the sun setting.“I was.” She purses her lips. “He was the one who was no longer in love
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NINE: Will he still accept me?
Simon uses the small stairs hanging the frames in the walls. We can only put up five pictures since I we couldn't print some of the pictures I needle out. Most of them are my pictures and me and my mother and father. It makes feel so old knowing how man years have passed since she passed away. I wish she's here and feel her embrace around me. I make us some snack for tkogiht so he could fill his fuel. He's been so considerate. “Here drink some of this.”I hand him an orangey glass juice. His sweats are dripping out of his forehead all the way down to his chest. He has a white polo on so his sweats marks are visible outside. I kind of stare a little at his chest showing a little. But I promise myself that I won't start much before he could catch me. That would be so embarrassing. “Its really hot in here.” He complains putting his glass to the table next my window. He stsrtts to unbutton his polo shirt and I have to look away like a girl from high school in front of their crush. Well
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It's Sunday afternoon. I haven't seen Simon for two days. Aside from I was busy with loaded tasks in the work, I have to take care of my father. He has high fever for the past few days. I guess Simon did not know, but he never once came over or something. There wasn't much that I was expecting from him at all, I just hope that he would want to see me. I push open the door with my foot as I balance the box of dirty useless stuffs of our aging house that has been stored in for the past years. There were tissues, dusty teddy bears that to never be owned by anyone, there were papers with randoms things written in it. I decided to clean up for more since dad is out for work today. And of course, I've got the whole house. The only last thing left to do is hanging the rest of the frames on the wall. “Era!” I look around, but I could not see anyone then when I look up, Kim is waving her two hands at me. “Kim, hey,” I wave back.She gives me a full smile. “Can you come over tonight?” I d
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