Chapter 14

I snapped my head towards her and looked at her shocked "What do you mean his wife" I asked her and she looks at me

"Sorry his late wife," She says and I looked at her more shocked

"He was married, his wife died, How, When, Why?" I asked a series of questions and she walked away 

"Amanda!" I called out to her but she fastens her pace. I stood there with new questions going through my mind, how was it possible, he was married, I looked back at the portrait 

"What Could have happened " I whispered and walked upstairs to my bedroom

*Amanda would need to answer my questions sooner or later, I'm very sure I wasn't supposed to know, but now that I do I am definitely going to find out what happened exactly * I sighed and walked into the closet

*Now that this man has succeeded in throwing everything away just because it didn't fit in his house, he's so grumpy and annoying and and "Arrgh" I groaned and looked through some of the clothes there, I

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Bella Jersey
This not stressful at all. What an asshole
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brandy otega
I wonder why u left wattpad
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Eneri Nej Jaralve
its a nice story, i hope i can read more chapters till the end of the story.

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