Episode 1267

No one can really predicted where the meetings will be headed. All that everyone thought about these meetings is all about nice things and good news, no one would’ve thought that they would be in a waves of emotional roller coaster through out the meeting. But at the very least now everyone has their closure on a lot of stuff, and now all of them knew for certain that when they thought that the Guilds is shady and also rather odd and bad, their thought is exactly right. And surely thanks to these, there will be a lot of changes will be happening and it was only going to be better and better.

“[Alright, since we already have those risky and need an urgent attention out of our way…let’s lighten up the mood…I can see that some of us already started to have a rather dark expressions….]”.(President Mies)

“[Hahaha…sure, sure, Sire President Mies…truly we all have been in a constant waves for all these time…we need more good news….]”. (Queen Duchess Angela)

The vibes is really quite all over
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