Traveller Of Two Worlds
Traveller Of Two Worlds
Author: JLabel


"Sai, I'm only giving you a verbal warning this time….just don't do it again okay?.....".

A Supervisor with an annoying face said with a condescending tone

< BAAM! >

The supervisor's table shook as a fist land on top of the table, startled by the sudden outburst he Yelp.

"Verbal warning? about you just give me the termination letter? know that it was YOU who do the mistake, now that the manager was lashing out, and you want to dump all the blame at me??… Fuck you! listen to you dumb fuck! better man up and take the responsibility yourself! Or I will do anything to get your ass get fired next week…ANYTHING!! got that!!??..".


I was puzzled and annoyed by a sudden call this morning, it turns out to be my supervisor, who tried to make me take the blame for his fault. Although I sounded like a mad dog in that office just now, I'm not.

I am the kind of guy that won't let myself be pushed around by anybody. My life motto was, "don't mess with me, and I don't mess with you". I wasn't always a good guy, I was kinda bad in the past, I used to be a mafia member, I've done a lot of things which against the law, I never get caught I was good at it, everyone involved in the business knows my name, some scared, some respect, and some hate me. Overall it was a good time for me, now, I've changed, and I left the outlaws lifestyle and start earning clean money.

I worked in all kinds of jobs, from a building cleaner, and security officer to a convenience store clerk. Right now I'm working as a senior sales associate at a supermarket chain during the day and sous chef at night, to me as long as I can pay the bills, it's enough for me.

But as usual, everywhere you go, there's always a douchebag or two around you, and this time it's my annoying supervisor. People like him always made me feel like wanting to go back to being mafia and just blow his head open with a shotgun. Just thinking about what just happened made me want to lose it.

"Better head back home and eat…damn wasted my day off just for this…".

With the cigarette lighten up, I start my motorcycle and ride back home, the supermarket was only 10 minute ride away from my house.

"Ughhhh!!!...headache!!…ugh!! Why now?!…".

Sharp pain in the back of my head made me feel drowsy all of a sudden, but I still managed to drive safely to my house, and after a few minutes I arrived. Upon entering my garage, the pains stop, this headache of mine started just recently, about a month ago, it comes and goes just like that. It doesn't bother me much, as it's probably due to work stress. After turning off the motorcycle, I entered my house, sat down on my old leather couch in the living room, and start fiddling with my smartphone.

"OOhhh….new issue is out…".

I'm an avid reader; I love reading as it keeps me occupied most of the time. I also enjoyed informational books, fantasy novels, manga, anime, and games. Although I'm already 27 years old, I loved them, I probably can be categorized as a closet otaku, but still, I'm not antisocial, I was active in sport, and decisive in making choices (definitely not a wuss).

"…The story was good,…but why is the protagonist always a wimp....just kill the enemies….can travel between earth and the fantasy world but use the sword as the main weapon….just get a gun already....geez..".

As I vent my comments about the novel I read on my phone, the headache comes again.

"Ughhhh!!!…man!! hurts!!…fuckk!!..".

I stood up and headed to the kitchen. Frantically, I open the medicine cabinet and grab 2 paracetamol pills and swallow them. I tried to open the fridge, but slowly I started to lose my strength before I fall to my knees in front of the fridge while trying.



[Activating Traveller Assist System... Activation successful].

"(Huh?.. activating what?....)".

I remember passing out from a terrible headache. Is something happening to me?.

[Checking host physical conditions…Healthy. No complications were detected... Implementing Status interface…. searching Host database for suitable Interface...interface Module detected…. implementation successful…..].

"(..Healthy?. Then what about the head-splitting headache just now?...interface?…how?....why can't I move my body?…)".

Although I was quite disturbed by the fact that, an unknown monotone voice echoed in my mind, for some reason, I don't feel panic, I even weirded out by how calm I am right now.

[All System Functional…Releasing full-body control in..5…4..3..2..1..].

"Ughhhh…what happening?…huh?... I can move my body now…..hmm, all my limbs are...…okay?....".

As the countdown ends, somehow I managed to move; slowly I sat on the floor and check my body. I found nothing odd about my condition it was just the same as before.

After breathing out a sigh of relief, I opened the fridge and drank the whole bottle of mineral water to calm myself. But something caught my attention, there was something weird about my surroundings.

"...Holyshit…..where the hell am I?…...".

It's not just weird, it's mind baffling to be exact. I'm in a freaking Forest, 360° trees, dirt, bushes, blue sky, fresh air, and birds chirping. Yeah no doubt, it's a Forest alright, the only thing that weird about it, was the area of 3 meters around me was my kitchen, also I'm still wearing my outfits, on my feet were my kitchen tiles floor, and in front of was my fridge. I stuck my hand inside the fridge is still cold, but I know the temperature was slowly going up.

"…this is very disturbing…am I.…dead?....".

[Greetings traveler, Please do not panic….first of all please state your name..].

"…..Sai…Mies Sai...who?...or rather what are you?..".

[Greetings Sir, Sir Mies Sai, I am T.A.S @ Traveller Assist System. I'm here to help you in your journey between two worlds…]

A calming deep male voice echoes in my head. it was shocking at first but gradually I managed to convince myself to stay composed.

"Hmm.. journey between two worlds?... Meaning?...can you explain what does that means?..".

[It's exactly as I said Sir, you have the ability to travel in between 2 worlds. Earth and Fantasma..].

Every word T.A.S said was fact-based only. There's no exaggeration whatsoever, quite a robotics like I must say. Right now, I need more information.


[Fantasma is a world with similar composition as Earth, but unlike earth, Fantasma is a world of magic and sword, there's a variety of races aside from humans here. Also, the wildlife here is far more deadly than the earth. Current Fantasma is far older than Earth. The technological advancement in this world was only in the early medieval, wars and savageness is a common thing in this world. I advised you to be careful when venturing out.]

"…Hah…. I'm gonna keep asking you a few more questions...I want a clear explanation….are you clear?.".

[Yes Sir, I will try my best to answer all of them.]

Honestly, at this point I've already given up on being shocked or anxious, I've read multiple fantasy novels about reincarnation or transportation to a magical world, I even read one just a few minutes ago.

After a full 1 hour of Q&A session with T.A.S, I already got the full gist of my situation. One, I'm now a Traveller between Earth and Fantasma, I can travel between the world without any problem all I have to do is say the words to T.A.S and it's done. Two, Traveling between worlds can only be used once a day, and it has a cool downtime of 1 day before it can be used again, there are no limitations on how many it can be used.

Third, when 'Travelling' was used the area of 3 meters around me will be teleported as well, and whatever is in that radius will be brought together with me except another living being. Fourth, since I wasn't originated in Fantasma I won't be able to use Magic naturally, So T.A.S has created a special perk for me, which is I have a game like feature, which enables me to acquire 'Skills' and enhanced my 'physical status'. I understand all of it as this is usual fantasy novel tropes.

"...Hmm.. so all I had to do was think about the status menu and it will come out?..".

After confirming all the information, I decided it was time to see the menus. I wondered what my stat will look like?.

[Yes Sir…Showing status ].

"Owh….it came out..".

Out of a thin air, a blue tablet akin to a game menu appeared in my sight, about 12 inches far from my chest.


Name: Sai Mies

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race: High Human


Physical: 0.5

Intellect: 3.9

Reflex : 0.6

Charm : 0.5

Special Abilities:

World Travel ( Lvl. 1)

Mini Map ( N/A)



Intimidation ( Mid)

Martial Arts ( High)

Weapon Mastery ( High)

Versatile Works ( High)


Identify ( N/A)

Special Traits:

Calm Minded

( Possess abnormal control of own mental state even in a dire situation)

Limitless physical growth

( Given due to inability to master Magic in Fantasma)

Modern Man

( Possess advanced knowledge and social norms far surpassing any civilization on Fantasma)


"…..high human?….why??..".

I know and am sure that I'm a normal homo sapiens, But why am I labeled as High human?.

[ It's because you came from Earth. Humans on Earth possess higher mental aptitude than any race that currently existed on Fantasma, The only race that possessed shared the similarity with you is the long-extinct race called High Human. Simply said, it's just this world's laws to differentiate you and at the same time assimilate you into this world. ]

"What about the (mid) and (high)…is that a skill level?.....".

[ Correct sir. ]

"How do I improve them?..".

[ To improve them, you need to constantly practice them, the ranks go from [ Low-Mid-High ]. You can also consume items to improve them. You can also increase your Status attributes in the same way. As for the World Travel Skills, you need all 4 attributes to reach at least 1.0 for it to increase the level. ]

"…I see….so about my Status attributes, is this number considered a normal number for a modern Man like me?..".

[ Yes sir it's also considered normal in Fantasma, aside from your 3.9 intellect of course. Normal intellect in Fantasma was around 0.5 to 0.7 as they weren't as advanced as earthlings ]

Hearing this, I know that I'm normal in both worlds, probably professional athletes back on Earth got higher physical points and Doctors got higher intellect than me. I only got 3 useable skills at the moment, which (World Travel), (Mini Map), and (Identify). (Identify) enable me to identify anything, it's a typical fantasy novel skill, as for (Mini Map) it's giving me the ability to see a real-time map of a 1-kilometer radius around me, it's just like a mini Map you found in video games.

"….I suppose that's it huh…well since I'm here...better take a stroll first,...this might be fun..hehe..".

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