VIII: The Second King

"What do mean Javier apologized?" Cece practically fainted. "AND WHAT THE HECK IS 'HE EVEN INVITED ME TO LUNCH' SUPPOSED TO MEAN?"

"I mean he kept bothering me the whole day yesterday and I don't even know why." I groaned as I stuffed my bag in my gym locker to the right of Cece's, which was next to Gail's, which was next Nina's. It was a miracle that we all had PE class together, along with English; even Kai was here, just not here-here because, well, this was the girl's locker room.

"But WHY?" Cece groaned out and sighed, slamming her locker door shut. "What possessed that man to be like that all of a sudden?" Nina added.

"Honestly, I have no clue." I spoke as I crouched down and tied my shoe lace.

"He probably must've hit his head or something." Gail scoffed a chuckle. "But whatever it is, it seems fishy so don't let your guard down, Lilac." she added makig me smile. 

"Don't worry, I won't."

"Okay, gather 'round children." our bald PE teacher called from the middle, right side of the gymnasium as we bunched up in front of him. He motioned for us to sit down and sit down we did.

 "Alright, today we're going to do a physical fitness test where we get your physical statistics, heart beat measurement, etc. So, first off, get a partner, measure your height and weight then once everyone's finished, we're gonna take a jog and see who here is jelly on legs and who is an aspiring Usain Bolt."

As our teacher, Mister Abner explained and discussed our activity further, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a pale, uninterested looking man.

 My jaw dropped, "We have PE with Dae-Hyun?" I whispered to Gail who then turned to the direction I was looking. 

She nodded and sighed, "Not only that, but the Devil Duo is here too."

"Do you mean the twins that freaking dragged me to the three idiots?"

Gail agreed with pursed lips, "The devils themselves."

"Right, so get your butts up and get moving!" Mr. Abner clapped.

We got up and huddled up by the weighing scale, Cece and Nina got the luxury of going first. "What goes on ladies?" 

Kai greeted with a smile. 

"Lilac, I'd like you to meet Thomas Sato." he introduced a tall, dark haired guy that had a smile on his face. "Tommy, this is Lilac Dahlberg."

"Nice to meet you," I extended a hand. He took it and shook it. 

Kai snickered, "How formal and proper." I glared at him then hit his shoulder. 

Thomas chuckled, "I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I am told I sometimes am too blunt. Anyway, it's no secret, what the kings did to you," he spoke, instantly making my cheeks heat up, "And I just want to say that since your a friend of Kai's, I am a friend of yours. Since I do not believe in oppression of the weak and that we should help the lesser, if you ever need me to help beat someone up for you, I'd gladly do so." 

I chuckled in disbelief and caught Thomas' arm, "Thomas, there's no need for anyone to beat up anyone." 

He smiled sweetly, "Just call me Tommy, everyone does." 

Gail scoffed out a chuckle, "Well, Tommy, don't go goo-goo eyes on my girl. I've called dibs on her and fully intend to keep her by my side." 

I laughed, "Eww, what pathetic person calls dibs on other people?"

After finishing up with our person data, Nina and Cece joined in our goofy conversations with Kai and Tommy. And when everyone finished all their data  up, our gym teacher called up round.

"Okay, enough chit-chat, get your partners and line up; you're going to go for a 10 minute jog." Mr. Abner stated, making half of the class groan.

"Geez, freaking PE class, am I right?" Gail mumbled by my shoulder in complain. 

I turned to her with a soft smile and shrugged, "I actually like jogging."

She looked at me as if I grew another head. After, she snatched Nina's and Cece's shirts, pulling them towards her, "Girls, girls, I think Lilac may be a crazy alien." 

Nina raised a brow, "Gail, it's true that not everyone likes wearing thigh high boots."

Cece smirked at that and Gail groaned, "Hey! It's sexy, but I'm referring to the fact he likes jogging."

Cece and Nina raised their upper lips in disgust. I laughed, "Hey, everyone's different."

"Yeah, but you're a demon child, demon child." Gail groaned, following it up with a laugh.

Just then a whistle was heard and we soon started jogging in the normal slow pace.

"I thought you liked jogging, why are you so slow?" Gail asked.

I rolled my eyes playfully, "Okay, first, we're supposed to jog by partners, second, we're supposed to jog not race."

Gail huffed as both our hearts started to race. After the first minute passed, Gail started slowing down but I however kept the pace. 

I at some parts slowed down for her at the moment she crouched down to catch her breath I turned to her and stopped, only to be shooed away, "Go on without me," she panted over-dramatically.

 I chuckled and jogged towards Kai and Tommy who just jogged passed Cece, Nina, and a few other people.

"Well, well, well,  if it isn't Lilac Dahlberg joggin' alone." Kai spoke with a chuckle. "Let me guess, Gail dropped out on ya?" I nodded at his question.

"I guess now the question is, can you keep up with me?" Tommy spoke making Kai turn to him with knit brows. 

"Don't you mean us?" the one with the longer hair spoke.

Tommy scrunched his face up in a laugh, "Kai likes to think he's all that but his stamina's not as enduring as mine." he winked making both Kai and I groan at his innuendo.

"Eyes on the road, bucko." I noted. Tommy chuckled, "Yes ma'am."

And so slowly, the rest of the class started slowing their pace, leaving only a few of us left running. Finally, Kai caved in and slowed to a stop to catch his breath. 

"Monsters!" he called out for me and Tommy, only making us turn back at him and laugh. I stuck my tongue out at him as Kai then joined in with Cece, Nina, and Gail who jogged unfairly slow, or more like walked dramatically.

"So, are you trying to tell me you're an athlete?" Tommy panted, making me turn to him. 

"Nah, I mean..." I huffed, "I did ballet when I was younger, I guess that increased my stamina, but it's mostly..." I sighed in a chuckle, finally losing some breath, "sorry," I spoke in between. "It's mostly because my mom, dad, and older brother like to jog early in the morning to clear their minds."

Tommy chuckled, "Impressive."

"But are you trying to tell me you're an athlete?"

"Finally you caught on!" Tommy jumped and continued on with a laugh. I joined in his giggles and asked, "What sport?"


"Like, foot plus ball or rugby?"

"Foot plus ball."

"Oh, really? That's great! I freaking love football."

"Really?" Tommy turned to me, sweat trailing down his temple. "Now that you say that, our game is two weeks from now. Do you wanna watch and maybe be my cheerleader?"

I smiled, "Nah, I'll go with you but just to cheer for the other team."

He gasped, "You wound me."

After the eight minute mark passed, Mr. Abner started blowing his whistle in anger over the few students who had nerve to sit down and rest. "What are you doing? Go! Go! Go! You still have a two minutes left!" he scolded.

It was only then I noticed that aside from Tommy and I, there were three others that were going in the same pace, and those were the twins and the Korean king. 

Then all at once, Tommy huffed sharply and slowed down. I turned back at him, seeing he was only tying his shoe lace. "Go on, I'll just catch up, you turtle." I chuckled at him and kept on jogging.

"Ahh, alone at last." 

I turned to the voice that spoke that. "I didn't think you'd last this long, Dahlberg." Dae-Hyun spoke with some sort of double meaning. I ignored his remarks and slightly increased my pace. 

He laughed at that, "Did you know that, on top of being a master martial artist, I also have a first place trophy for track and field?"

I finally looked at the pale man whose face was shining due to his sweat.

He smirked and continued, "I like doing things that challenge me."

I blinked and pursed my lips.

"I like to test my limits." he turned over his shoulder, "And above all, I love to win." with that he sprinted away, catching up with the twins in front, just as Tommy suddenly came running beside me.

"What did he tell you?" Tommy asked, eyeing Dae-Hyun's back as if he could poke holes on it if he stared hard enough. I scoffed, "How much of an moron he is."

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