XLVIII: Ignored

Tommy turns his eyes off to the distance as he sends the text.

"So tell me, Javier, do you enjoy hurting others for your self gain?" I deadpan.

He doesn't seem bothered by my accusation, "I agree that decisions for personal gain can hurt others, but they'd hurt me back whatever I do anyway. Might as well beat them to it."

Javier smiles at my blank expression, "Honestly, it's what I was taught growing up."

I knit my brows, feeling sorry for him. I turn to the table and sigh. I guess know I know I know why he's like this.

My phone vibrates.

Tommy Cat: hey

Tommy Cat: what u doing rn

My heart skips when I see his text. Finally he's not ignoring me any longer. I quickly reply I'm at a diner currently.

Javier knit his brows, "Is that Hyun-Ki?"

I glance up at him and my heart skips again, "What? No! He doesn't text me causally."

He raises his bro

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