XIII: The Third King

Guess what, Abigail Alonzo abandoned me and called in sick, therefore I am left to battle the horrors of Langley Academy on my own for today and tentatively tomorrow. Yay!

What's worse was I had class today that held students I do not know, but they all seemed to know me well, judging by the judging looks on their faces. What the hell, what did I do to them?

Pulling out my phone, I texted Cece, Nina, and Kai: SOS, I AM SO ALONE SCIENCE!!!! ):

Fiery Fox (Nina, just because she's a red head): ahhh, sci class is supposed to be lonely :p

The True Queen Empress (Cece, who found Andy's nickname for me so amusing she dubbed herself that, on my phone that is): WAIT A LITTLE LONGER, IT'S ALMOST LUNCH TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite Contact <3 (Kai, whose name he picked himself. Gosh he can be so full of himself): DO YOU WANT ME TO STEAL YOU AWAY??? SCREW DETENTION

I laughed at all their replies and turned b

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