V: A King's Origin

I wiped my freshly showered hair off with a towel. Thank all things sweet there wasn't anyone home besides my brother and I. It made for a lot less explaining to do.

However, on the other hand, my brother had a lot of explaining to do to me.

"Those damn punks! I can't believe they even got a king after I left!" Roux mumbled making me roll my eyes.

"It's all your fault then! If an egotistical moron like you hadn't made a dumb hierarchy then I nor anyone else would have to deal with shit like this."

Roux gave a guilty look and shook his head, "Tulila, I didn't elect myself. I became king because that's what everyone started calling me." He shuffled on my plush bed where we had lazily propped ourselves on. "And I never went after anyone who didn't cross me, especially not without good reason. I usually just got into trouble with my own friends or those jerks from M.A.C."

I chuckled dryly, noting the fact that Langley Academy, and Maxwell-Artes College had a long history of rivalry.

His jaw tightened, "Tell me what you did to them exactly again."

"I talked back, put them in their place, told them I'm not going to let myself be a victim, yadayadayada." I spoke flatly.

Roux face darkens. He nods and points, "Leave this to me, okay."

I shake my head, and took the biggest pillow on my bed, throwing it to him, "Idiot. I'll just kill them with kindness."

"Kill them with kindness?"

"And report them, obviously. No way I'm letting this slip without an official sanction. It's not hard to do if you're smart like me, Raiden."

He ignores my mocking use of his second name. For a moment, we have a stare off, but then he sighs and nods his head. He then grabs my cheeks and chuckles dryly, annoyed. I push him off and punch his shoulder in return

"You're right," he sighs, "I have such a smart sister."


The next day came by and I made it a point to come early to report what happened yesterday first thing in the morning. However, Mrs. Kenneth apparently had a school errand in another location, which was why she was going to arrive late today.

No biggie, the secretary said I could drop by after classes.

"Lilac!" I heard a voice call out for me as I made my way down the hall to my home room. I saw it was Nina, Gail, and Cece, all waiting for me with concerned looks on their faces. They then suddenly ran towards me and embraced me, murmuring out sorries and are-you-alrights. 

I smiled and nodded at their sentiment, "Yes. Thank you all so much for caring."

Nina nudged me, "You know, you don't have to be so cynical."

I chuckled and nudged her back, "I wasn't being cynical. I'm... just happy that I already have such good friends."

"Hey." Gail caught my arm, "What Marcus said about getting people to be loyal to you... don't take his stupid words to heart." 

"But make no mistake Lilac," Cece added, placing a hand on my shoulder. "You're part of our pack now, which is why we are loyal to you all the same."

I felt my face pull down at her words. My lips quiver, "Thank you. Gosh. I don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn't met you guys."

"Well don't even think about it because you're stuck with us now," Gail smiled sweetly. We all shared a warm embrace.

Nina pulled away with a groan, "I think you missed a spot," she pinched her nose, "you still smell like vinegar."

"NINA!" Gail shouted as a scold but burst put laughing when she heard me laugh. 

"What? If she's going to be our friend, we should practice honesty with her!" Nina teased, making me poke her side, in turn making her squeak.

"You know, it did wonders for my hair actually. It's so soft." I said, feeling my hair. 

The girls then did the same and with pursed lips, they nodded in agreement in surprise. "Huh, maybe I should do the same to my hair." Cece said, feeling her own hair.

"Should I announce it in the cafeteria too?" I teased.

Gail raised her brows, as Nina broke into low chuckles. "Wow, you are surprising, Dahlberg."

I then remember that I had to go get something in my locker, and so I give my leave, and head of to the locker hall.

When I get there, I halt in the middle of the hallway and gasp when I a blooming purple bruise on the side of Kai's face. He was fixing his back by his own locker. By the time I run to him, he shoots me a half-hearted smile.

"I'm so sorry," I start and instantly seal him into a tight and apologetic embrace. I felt he was taken aback, thus the nervous chuckle, but he relaxes eventually.

"Gosh, chicks really do love battle scars."

I pull away and knit my brows at the sight of him, "This happened because you were trying to help me..."

He give me a look and shakes his head, "You have nothing to be sorry for. I would've done the same thing, regardless." He closes his locker door and ruffles his long hair. Doing this with his mane that reached his shoulders, helped to distract the attention from his throbbing left cheek bone. "And besides, I slipped on a puddle on my way home."

"... Kai... is that what you told your parents?"

Kai chuckles and pats my head, "My parents are on an international art exhibit for the rest of the week. No exlanation needed."

I shake my head, "Don't lie about it please. Tell everyone who asks that you did a good thing, for a stupid new girl in school."

Kai's lips curled up a bit, "Well, that would be a bigger lie because this new girl I fought for is not at all stupid."

"Ahhh, I see a love team is blossoming already." A voice spoke out.

We two snapped our head to the source of the voice and saw that it was none other than Dae-Hyun. He smirked and started to walk closer to us, "I can't believe I'd be jealous of Kai, of all people." 

As he walked over to us, Kai looked at him with a stern face but did not move a muscle. Just as I thought he would stop by us, he walked past us and kept his eyes straight forward. Kai releases a breath and give me a look, "Listen if he gives you a hard time-"

"Don't jump in the middle of the punch," I cut him off. I shake my head, "I don't think he'd actually hit me."

"... yeah, don't take any chances with him."

"Roux! What are you doing here so early?" I jog up to my brother who was sitting on the hood of Cherry Baby. He knew well I was going to visit the school principal, and yet he called me to go to the parking lot ASAP as soon as my classes end.

He chuckles and then messes up my blonde hair, "Ahhh, it's just sooo nice messing with you, my tiny sister."

I scoff and roll my eyes, "You literally wasted my time to--"

"How's it going boys?" Roux suddenly calls, making me cease my statment and turn to whoever he was talking to.

My heart drops at the sight and I turn back to my brother.

"I was told you poured vinegar on my sister," Roux begins, looking between Marcus, Javier, and Dae-Hyun, who somehow were all here together.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he finally let go of me. "The name's Roux, but more I importantly to you scums I am the first king of Langley. You should pay deep respect to me for if I never graced this institution, you fools would've never have had any so-called power to degrade my sister like that. In fact, when I was king, I never had to touch people to have them fall into place, my mere presence was enough to set the off."

I clench my jaw at my brother's words and pull on his sleeve. He ignores me and steps forward.

"Roux, quit it," I whimper under by breath, only to get ignored again.

"Remember this day. This is my first and final warning. Do not ever bother my sister, or else your tires won't be the only thing I slash."

It was at this moment the three begin to show signs of agitation. Roux smirks at this, and tells me to get in the car. I hesitate to prove a point to him, but by the time he was in the driver's seat, he looked like he was about ready to run anyone who didn't listen to him down, and so I comply with a look of full-blown resentment.

"You do know I can't report them, since you've taken aken justice into your own hands," I quip as I put my seatbelt on.

He starts his engine and gives a blank expression, "At least they know now that if they think they can mess with you, I can mess with them even worse."

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