He is awake

Lebo still hasn’t woken up yet and it had been two days. Mapula went to check on him and told them that he will wake up when he is ready but Kwezi would have none of it, she insisted that a doctor should be called in to check on him. Indeed, the palace doctor was called, she checked on Lebo and said the same thing Mapula did. That he will wake up when he is ready, she was that he only needed motivation to wake.

Kwezi has been waking up early for the past two days to go to Lebo’s chamber to check on him, this morning was no different, she took her bath then got ready for the day and went to Lebo’s room to check on him. She got in then sat on the bed next to him. “Lebo, you have to wake up now, its been two days and its lonely here without your jokes. I don’t know why I feel so connected to you all of a sudden but whatever it is that I am feeling, I want to experience it with you. Now wake up, everyone misses you but I miss you more. You have to wa

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