Maliscious plans

Bakoena Kingdom

The following morning the king and queen were in their sleeping chamber, it was early sunrise but the king was awake looking at his queen who laid beside him and wondered what he has done right for him to be blessed with such a beautiful soul. As if that was not enough the gods also blessed him with a prince and a princess. While King Lerumo was still admiring his wife the queen woke up, when she opened her eyes, she was met by those of the king. " Sunrise greetings my king" she greeted him with a smile. " Sunrise greetings my queen, how was your slumber?" he asked returning the smile his queen graced him with. "Wonderful my dear, I am well rested." she said still smiling at him as if it was the very first time they met. "That is good to hear my dear, I was thinking that after 10 days when the umbilical cord has fallen off the princess we should hold a ceremony to formally introduce her to the gods, our people and other kingdoms." It was custom that a royal child be introduced to other royals when they are born so that they know when the time comes to make an alliance with that kingdom. " Before that my king, I would like you to explain what you meant by what you said yesterday" The smiled " I hold no knowledge of what you speak of my queen." the queen pouted her lips innately " My king don’t play with me and do not say you are not playing for I see that mischievous smile on your face." The king laughed wholeheartedly. " My queen you call the king of this big kingdom mischievous? my queen you are looking for trouble I see" he said playfully " My king the princess is going to wake up soon and the maidens will start knocking on that door any minute now bringing water for our bath, so I suggest you start talking before all of that happens. Or the elders will budge into the palace looking for you to go with them for palace duties."

"Okay! okay I hear you. The chief priest informed me that the princess is a blessing to us from the gods." informed the king but this made no sense to the queen. " All children are a blessing from the gods my king, what makes the princess special? or is it the title she holds that makes her different.?" asked the queen clearly not understanding the chief priest's reasoning when he said that. "That is what I am trying to get to my queen, the princess is not special due to the fact that she is a princess, but because she was chosen by the gods as the rain queen." the queens eyes popped out "Gods of Bakoena! my king, do you hold knowledge that the last rain queen died 5 decades ago, after that no one thought we will have a rain queen once again because none had been born since. Do you know the great responsibility that lays on our shoulders because of this?" The queen was losing her mind with worry, she held no knowledge as to how she queen Mabotle is going to raise a rain queen, a supreme being, a god! " Calm yourself my queen. Do you hold memory of the childhood stories we were told? it was said the rain queen was a god and has a protector by her side at all times, not just any protector but an Alligator, the totem of Bakoena and that means the rain queen has always been born from this clan. Moreover, we all held knowledge that another one will be born, now she has, and she is our princess. I know you worry about raising her, as do I, but if we work together I am certain that we will get it right." said the king trying to calm his queen as he could see that she was now over thinking everything. The princess is a child, like others and will be treated as such.

" I understand my king, I am just worried about the kind of power she holds and if we will be able to handle it." the queen expressed her worry once more. “We will help her where we can my queen and if we fail the eye of the gods will consult them and show us the way." while they were still talking the princess woke up and cried, the queen went to check up on her. there was a knock on the door and the king ordered the person to enter. A maiden come bringing water for the king to bath. "Sunrise greetings my king" she greeted with her head bowed as per the way of the kingdom, the king thanked her, and she left. Another maiden come and brought bathing water for the queen and another for the princess. " Maiden, please bring me a cream that has a light smell, I will be using it from now on." the maiden bowed her head " Right away my queen" she left in a hurry to bring the cream. The king and queen went about their morning hygiene routine and when done the queen fed the princess while the king was getting ready for the morning feast. "Are you ready for the morning feast my queen?" asked the king when he was ready "I am ready my king, let us go before the elders get here and steal you away for the day." They went to the eating chamber, the king sat at the head of the table with the queen next to him. The maidens were called in and they brought in the food. After they ate, the king left for his palace duties.


"How can you let this happen Simon huh" asked the unknown man sternly looking at elder Simon who just share the news from the palace with him. " Do not dare speak to me that way as if you are speaking to your son! am I trying to be of help to you here and you acting like a fool knowing very well I had no time to do anything!" elder Simon yelled back at the man. " Do not worry we still have time to act but we must plan thoroughly on what action to take next." The man said and hope was restored in elder Simon when he heard his words. " Do not forget what the chief priest said." he reminded; he did not want anything going wrong this time around. "I don’t care what he said because it will be meaningless once we put this plan in motion." Elder Simon understood what the man was saying. " The plan must be in motion before she reaches maturity, or we are doomed." the elder knew very well that if they do not do anything before then they will not be able to do anything after. " I know she will be dangerous by then." 'And she will smell us from a mile away and wipe our generation clean by just raising her finger.' The man wanted to say but held his tongue. "I have to convince the king to arrange marriage for her before she reaches maturity and everything will fall into place." said the elder to no one in particular but the man next to him smiled when he heard what he said. " I like the way you think" He then turned to his men and asked them to leave as they all went their separate ways.

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