Chapter 7

Violen POV

The whispers from the café visitors were getting heard. I was standing right in front of Bryn, staring at the man with a sharp gaze. I don't know where my fear has gone. It was enough in the first year of college and high school that he bothered me. I want to know why he hates me so much.

"Tell me now," I pleaded.

"'What will you give me? If you want to know why I did this to you, then I will let you know. But for that, there must be a reward for me.

"Ohh you want to act even more lowly?" the words that just came out of my mouth.

"What?" snapped Bryn.

"Yeah, you don't feel low enough for bothering a woman. And now you are trying to blackmail me too? "

"Since when are you talking so cleverly like this?" Bryn drew closer to me and narrowed the distance between us. But that didn't scare me in the least. Isn't that strange?

"Violen, I think,,,"

"I'm fine Lesley," I replied, stopping Lesley'

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