Mu Feng

Mu Feng, a 6ft 20-year-old young man with a face which could rival a top face model of any country stepped into the My family home after having received an urgent SOS distress call which he had long perceived was fake from his mother. He had calmly walked up to his mother asking what the problem was. She'd instantly thrown a tantrum about him never visiting home unless forced to and only after much coaxing did she finally relent asking him about his work and lifestyle. Mu Feng was the current president of his father's establishment Mu Corporation. He had joined the company a year ago after graduating from college at 19. He was fiercely independent and had always loved to stay alone moving out of the family home at 16 when he'd graduated from high school.

After dealing with all the questions his mother had asked him to stay for lunch and to accompany his dad and her to a dinner appointment. Sensing something amiss in the entire scenerio he had kept probing until his mother had finally told him it was a dinner appointment with the Lu's.

He questioned the reason and his mother had begun a long story of a promise between best friends throwing out a plethora of reasons for Xinya to get married to him. Instantly he'd recalled the piece of news he'd been told as a kid. He'd been engaged before birth to a young girl, the Young heiress of Lu Corporation, Lu Xinya. A wave of anger hit him as he instantly stood to leave only for him to hear a voice behind him "Feng'er if you walk out of this house today, it means you will be giving up all rights to inheritance of all my properties and desolving all familial bonds to your mother and I" 

Mu Feng froze, his expression darkening as he wondered why his mother wanted him to marry her and why his father would force him to marry a girl he neither knew nor loved. He turned, asking,

"Why? Why do I have to marry a girl I neither love nor know?

His father had insisted she was the best choice for him and so he relented wanting to meet the so called best. Just like his mother had done he'd also thrown in a lot of reasonable looking reasons.

He headed for his room and sat down, his memories moving back about 15 years ago.

It was Summer and he was on break from school he was only 5 and his mother had taken him to go and see her best friend Aunty Elaine, he remembered her to be a nice lady that had given him many treats and ruffled his hair nicely. She had a 3 year old adorable girl who he had liked and played with and he had been happy with her. He remembered he had been bombarded with questions all day and he had found that little ball of energy funny. At the end of that day she'd gone from calling him My Feng to calling him Brother Feng, to calling him Ah Feng. She'd pretty much followed him around that day, in a white gown and pretty pigtails. She'd swing his hand insisting he played with her.

On getting home his mother had asked him what he thought of her and he'd replied that he'd liked her. She'd smiled and dropped the bombshell on him "She'd be your wife when you grow up" .

He had no idea about what marriage meant but understood that the both of them might be inseparable in the future.

 Later that day he came down from his room to hear his parents discussing and his mother had said "I wish little Xinya was my daughter then I'll be able to take her shopping and pamper her all day" to which his father had responded: " she'll be your son's wife anyways which will make her your daughter in the future so you can just continue treating her as your daughter". In that instance he told himself that if Xinya was not his wife then his mother will not take her out and he'll still be the only one in his mother's mind. To him the reason why his mother had reacted in the way she did was because of the fact that he'd accepted Xinya as a wife as a result he decided to be mean to Xinya. He felt that if he was mean to Xinya and if he hated her then she won't be his wife and his mother will belong to only him and from that moment on, over the next ten years he had been incredibly mean and rude to Xinya.

Thinking back Xinya hadn't really done anything but he'd viewed her as a threat because after that incident, anytime Xinya visited his mother, his mother would put all her attention on her, having her favorite food prepared, talking to her, and planning outings with her. It had always seemed like Xinya was her daughter and he was the outsider, he hated it and slowly he'd begun hating her. 

He decided not to think too much, regardless of what happened he'd just go with the flow and see how things went until, he'd gone downstairs to get a cup of water only to hear his parents discussing the conditions for his marriage. 

His mother had mentioned the fact that the Lu's were having issues with their company and needed about 100 million to offset their loan and could only rely on his father to provide the funds. In exchange, he'd marry off the daughter to him. Mu Feng felt disgusted and stormed up the stairs telling himself that he'd never see Xinya Lu as his wife regardless of what happened and that he'd make her willingly ask for a divorce since she and her father had tied him into a marriage without any consideration for himself. To him being tied to a marriage he didn't want was something he would never like and would never accept but since he had no choice but to marry her, he'd have to come up with other ways of dealing with it. 

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