My heart skips a beat as I watch him show me the certificate and I walk over to him to look at the paper certificate in his hand, which holds my name and my signature and Keenan's name and his signature on it. My ears are still ringing from the married he said a few minutes and my eyes are now painful from staring at the paper too long, hoping that it would finally become blank.

How on earth did we get married? There was nothing that happened yesterday that even pointed to married so this makes no sense.

My mind is rising with different thoughts, from how this is going to affect my work and career and my relationship. Nothing from now is the same. No one is going to believe this just happened without us wanting it to. How can so much happen in so little space gap?

I look up at him, not knowing what to do next and needing to hear from him. “What do we do?”

The look on his face just like he’s had since we saw each other this morni

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