“Who’s she, Keenan?” I ask Keenan, who looks lost between the two women beside him.

I don’t need the answer, no I didn’t want the answer because I already know who she is. This was why he threw me away yesterday. He wanted to sleep around with some other woman.

My heart is breaking, but then again, what did I even expect? He doesn’t love me; he doesn’t even like me and I have given my heart already to him! Who does that?

A pathetic loser.

The woman, although in a towel, is a walking beauty and I think at this point she knows that. She’s of medium height and the towel does not hide her great curves. Her straight blonde hair reaching behind her back, her eyes are alluring green orbs and her lips red and a lit puffy and I know why that is.

“Who are you?” The Lady turns to ask me as Keenan seems to go mute. Her eyes are demanding and unfriendly as she stares at me.

“I’m his wife,” I put much emphasis on the wife so s

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