Christmas special

My eyes open slowly to the noise coming from downstairs and I realise that Keenan no longer on the bed and as I look around I realise he isn’t in the room either.

This morning is dull and Christmas mornings have never been that way for me before as it is one of my favourite holidays, but this morning is not like the others I’ve had. It’s freezing feverish and I’m also irritated at almost everything. It’s been happening these past few days and nausea feeling doesn’t help either. These are signs I get when I’m about to begin my period and but this time they are a little different. Christmas should be fun, but my mood isn’t making it easy.

I want to close my eyes when the door opens and Keenan walks in wearing a black round neck polo and grey sweatpants. His hair is rough as expected, but his blue eyes are sharp, especially when they land on me.

He smiles and walks over to me. “Good morning, sweetheart. Levi and Bethany are wondering if you would come down for breakfast.”

Levi and Bethany have invited us to spend the holiday with them and, having no other better plans, we agreed to come. We came in a few days ago and yesterday being Christmas Eve we spent it at the fireplace beside the Christmas tree and we told stories of wild events that have happened to us in the past that we were sure we haven’t told our significant other yet.

For Levi, it was jumping off a moving bus when he was fifteen; he told us he landed on his feet in his imagination and didn’t hurt himself, but in reality; he broke his leg, his ankle and arm and had to be taken into the ICU immediately.

For Bethany, it was stripping to her bra and pants at the park and running to her car. It was shocking to all of us, Levi and Keenan especially. But she raised her hands and explained that she had unknowingly sat under a tree at the park that was off-limit because it was being fumigated. After reading for a while, she got stung by an ant and then another and another and when she looked; a swarm of ants covered her. The only way to put was if she took off her clothes and that was what she did and she ran off.

By the time she finished her story, Levi, Keenan, and I were rolling on the floor and tearing up from too much laughter.

My turn came, and I said it was getting a tattoo of a then-boyfriend only to break up with him the next day and go back to the tattoo shop to have it removed. The tattoo artist said it wasn’t so easy and the process took almost a month to complete and I decided from then on that I was never getting a tattoo ever again.

Of course, I was laughed at, but I laugh at myself more.

Keenan said his wildest encounter was being struck by lightning. Every one of us was shocked and stared at him to know if he was serious, but lo-and-behold he was. He was twenty-five then, and he was with his girlfriend at the time and they were out and they were having fun out in the woods kissing and playing with each other. When it rained, his girlfriend said to go home, but he wanted to have fun even in the rain. He convinced her and she try it. He was taking his clothes off when he got struck by the lightning he thought he had died, but his girlfriend, who was with him and didn’t know what to do came over to him lying there and slapped him across the face with her sneakers. And that was how he woke up. He moved to say although freaky; he wasn’t crazy enough to try sex in the rain again.

I haven’t looked at him the same since then; it was so funny

We talked until past midnight and I felt sleepy and then we said our goodnights to Bethany and Levi and Keenan brought me to bed.

I moan and tuck myself further into the bed.

“It’s too cold today, baby,” I whine in a small voice.

Keenan walks over to my side and sits down, taking a careful look at me before his hands come to touch my face, probably to feel my temperature and his hands feel so warm that my body taps from it.

“You need a warm bath to send the cold away. I will draw it for you.” He says and steps back.

I rebel against his act with a groan. “Can you stay with me for a little while?”

“Sure honey” he lies beside me and pulls me closer to his warm body before pulling the cover over himself.

I place my head on his chest, hearing the steady heartbeat there. “I don’t want to jinx it, Keenan, but I think these symptoms might be it,” I say with a small voice before looking up at him.

“And you’re sure it is?” His voice might be low, but I can hear the excitement that is there in his voice.

I nod, “Yes, but I need the kit to test to confirm ‘cause very sure I’ve been praying for it.”

He kisses my hair and his hand moves down to my stomach and nuzzles it. “I’m here all the way. You know that, right?”

She nods, “Yeah, I know.”

I enter the bathroom after Keenan finishes with setting the water and pull out the pregnancy testing kit and then pee on it then drop it before going to take my bath. Once done, I wrap myself up in my towel and pick up the kit and there is the result showing positive. I open the door and walk over to Keenan, who is pacing restlessly in the room. Once he sees me, he stops pacing and walks down to me. His eyes searching mine out to see the result and slowly his eyes lose their light as they don’t see the answer they desperately need. But before he could get anymore heartbroken, I smile and nod. 

“It’s positive!” I squealed happily.

His eyes flicker with light and excitement and then next moment he sweeps me into the air and turns me around. I giggle as he finally sets me down and kisses my lips; I love you, Varisha Klean Hilton. “

“I love you too, Keenan Simon Hilton.”

Keenan and I spend the morning together in our room in bed. Keenan has always been romantic, but after the news that he is going to be a father, he increased his affection and care for me. He brought breakfast and after I ate; he took his bath and returned to cuddle me while we watched the Christmas switch movie.

“Come on down, we are sharing gifts now,” Levi announces after knocking on our door.

It’s now five p.m., and the day is far spent, especially with Keenan showering his love on me, and I smile at each other before getting down from the bed.

“Can you walk?” he asks carefully as I get up to my feet.

I roll my eyes, “I’m only pregnant Keenan, of course, I can walk.”

We arrive downstairs and the three boys and their parents are already standing beside the Christmas tree glittering with all kinds of sparkling light and designs, where the many Christmas gifts lay.

“Anyone got something to say before we share our gifts?” Bethany asks staring at Seth, Max and Nathaniel.

Max nods and speaks, “Well, I want to say that I am grateful for my family, my mom, my brother and for you, Levi. Thank you for making mom happy, and uncle and aunt. You’ve been amazed this year. Merry Christmas to you all.”

We echo, “Merry Christmas,” in response.

We all clap our hands and everyone picks up their gift and hands then to each other, from the youngest to the oldest.

Bethany and Levi gifted us each ticket to the runway show, while we gave them keys to a new car. Everyone was excited and happy and we all moved to the dining table where dinner has been served and take our seats.

“Keenan informed us you weren’t feeling too well in the morning. Hope you’re okay now,” Levi speaks up as the three boys take their seats around the table. 

“Yes, I am now,” I ask as I take my seat, and Keenan does likewise.

“Was it morning sickness?” Bethany asks, already picking up hints.

“Yes, Keenan and I are once again expecting a baby.”

Their faces lit up with happiness and excitement as they stare at us around the table. “Really?” Bethany squeals happily and claps her hands in excitement. “Congratulations to both of you.”

“Thank you.” I can’t help the smile that charges over my face at the joy that fills their faces, and I lean in and bury my face in Keenan’s shoulder.

“Are you and aunt two going to have a baby, uncle?” Seth asks with an eager tone.

Keenan nods, adding, “Yes, we are.”

“Outstanding! This is the best Christmas ever!!” says Seth with utmost happiness and they all run over to us and take their rounds, hugging us.

“Congratulations to you both. Seth was right. This is the best Christmas.”

“Thank you, Levi,” Keenan replies.

Bethany speaks as everyone return to their seats, “Let’s hold hands and pray, Keenan, can you do us the honours?”

“Thank you, Lord, for this day. Thank you for life, love and family. Lord, thank you for always having our backs. Thank you for being strong when we are weak. Thank you for keeping your promises to us. And thank you for the ones you’ve done and thank you for the ones you’re working on. Last, thank you for answering the prayers we have prayed. Amen.”

“Amen, merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” we respond before eating our dinner.

The day may have started dull, but in the end, being surrounded by family and loved ones is everything and yet it cost us absolutely nothing.

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Denise Bostic
Just finished reading it again really, really loved it.
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Denise Bostic
It was so good and realistic, I am reading it agin
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Denise Bostic
Great job love it.
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