"Nothing, absolutely nothing is changing my mind this time." Korina huffed in frustration as she looked at the now halved black comb in her hand.

It broke while she was trying to comb  her hair.

"Nah, I don't think dreads would fit you."Daniella said.

She stood up from the bed and pulled some part of korina's hair playfully.

" ooouuch."She slapped her hand away and gave her a threatening look.

"I am honestly tired of my hair, it's hard to comb, hard to detangle, always breaking combs! It's frustrating, ugggh!" She complained further.

"Try combing it again!" Daniella suggested, "But with this, this time."She said handing Korina another comb.

Korina took the comb and began combing.

"You see it works!" Daniella said in excitement as she saw Korina combing effortlessly.


"Oh God!!!!"Korina screamed and looked at  her palms, this was the fourth comb breaking today.

"That's it." She stood up, "To the saloon."

            The hairdresser finished up and turned korina to face the big rectangular mirror.

"Wow, I look amazing." Korina said gazing into the mirror as she felt her hair with her fingertips.

"I know right! I told you dyeing blonde would make it look gorgeous."He  stated as he rubbed his palms over her hair appreciating his master piece.

"Damn girl!Your hair has got me wowed." Daniella said from behind.

She had been outside the saloon, she advanced towards them and stared at the back length blonde dreads.

"Told you dreads would look good on me." Korina said.

"Guess this new look isn't so bad for your upcoming 21st birthday, I am so excited!" Daniella said with so much enthusiasm and was a little too loud, most of the people at the shop stared at them.

Daniella rolled her eyes and faced Korina.

"Let's get out of here, I am starving."

          It wasn't the darkness or silence dominating the apartment that sent shivers down Korina's spine.  It was the fact she  felt that she was certain someone was watching her this time.

Since she began receiving all the mysterious, creepy, sweet messages, she concluded she was being stalked.

Private number -happy birthday my love, you are so perfect, so beautiful,

Perfectly made for me.

I hope you love the gifts I got you, as I am sure you have loved others.

Till we meet, bye.

Korina stared at the message and swallowed hard, earlier she had made sure all her doors, windows and possible break-ins were well secured.

She stared at the text again, it was a private number, inaccessible and untraceable.

Just great! Her first birthday message was from a stalker.

She had wanted her 21st birthday to be wonderful and pleasant not creepy and strange.

She lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling, the only noise that could be heard was the ticking of the clock.

Nothing is gonna happen, today is gonna be great, She ignored the unsettling feeling in her stomach and the heavy doubt on her mind.

Nothing could go wrong, she assured her conscience and forced herself to sleep.

         Korina was very close to flinging the table lamp at Daniella.

She watched her in irritation as she squealed and gushed over the extravagant and outrageous gifts sent by Mr stalker.

"How the fuck did you even become my cousin?" She asked resisting the urge to smack her.

"By adoption, duhhh!"Daniella rolled her eyes,"Waoooh girl, look at these shoes, how did he know your size? so cute."She said.

"Are you insane? This person  has been stalking me, sending gifts and weird lovey dovey text.Yet, here you are acting like it's my boyfriend that got me stuff."

"Oh come on, he's your future boyfriend." Daniella winked.

"Are you kidding me?" Korina asked, Daniella was so unbelievable at times.

"Okay, I am sorry, calm down, he's just a rich guy who is obviously obsessed with you and can't tell it to your face."

"What if he's a psychotic serial killer?"

"What if he's not." Daniella said before letting out a scream as she looked at the handbag she was holding.

"Why are you screaming? why?"

"Are you seeing this?" She screamed at Korina, "He got you a hermes bag, fucking hermes."

For a moment korina's jaw dropped in shock, how rich is this dude?

"So what do we do about the whole situation?"She asked after recovering from her mini shock.

"Sell the hermes and buy a royce rolls."Daniella said with a shrug.

"Fish for brains, I am being serious, a better idea please?"

"Husband him!"

  That was all it took for korina to unleash, She unplugged the lamp with one swift move and threw it Daniella's direction.

"Stupid."Korina hissed staring at Daniella's amused face as the lamp met the wall shattering to pieces," It should have been your head, for reals."

         The club was really noisy, the noise the clubbers produced competed with the DJ's music blaring from the speakers.

The lights were dim, people dancing, strangers grinding on each other.

The air smelt of cigarettes, sweat and sex.

In the midst of all these, Korina was looking for her cake.

"Who in the world is stupid enough to bring a cake to a club?" Daniella asked using her fingers to visualize air quotes, she was a little tipsy.

Korina stared at her angrily while Daniella's Co workers who came uninvited burst out laughing.

"Katrina, forget the cake and party, it's your birthday." One of the men said slapping Korina's back.

"It's korina idiot." She retorted.

Drunk fools.

          The rest of the club stay didn't really go well, Daniella and korina got thrown out cause Korina started a fight with someone who she saw eating a piece of cake.

They began walking home, staggering down the streets extremely drunk.

"Happy birthday, sister, cousin and best friend, I love you." Daniella said throwing her arms around korina who was struggling to hold herself up.

"So are we taking a cab to Santorini?" Korina asked.

"I thought we were headed home?" Daniella replied confused.

"Yes, home is Santorini."

"You.....wait korina,what that on your dress?" Daniella slurred pointing a finger at the red dot on Korina's dress.

"Must be a button." she replied looking down.

"Do buttons move? or I am just drunk." Daniella asked then the both of them flared with laughter.

A few seconds later, a loud bang was heard.

"What was?..." Daniella began but crossed her hand over her mouth to silence an attempted scream as she saw a body laying on the floor bleeding.

"Korina look." She said, her voice quivering.

She noticed Korina wasn't by her side anymore and had a closer look at the body.

Lying face down was Korina with blood pooling around her, her arms laying limply by her side.

And then it happened, Daniella let out a boisterous scream such that the birds in the air were frightened.

Korina had been shot.

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