The Protégé
The Protégé
Author: Feng Hua Jue Dai

Chapter 1

"Sorry, I'm late!"

The door of the Tang Pharmaceutical Group's conference room was suddenly pushed open. Yang Xiao walked in in a white denim suit.

At this moment, the meeting room was full of direct descendants of the Tang family. When they saw Yang Xiao dressed in cheap clothes, their eyes were full of disdain.

"Yang Xiao, how dare you come here? It's been five years, and you don't have any performance! I think you're an irresponsible spy of the company. How can the Tang family have such a scum like you?"

As soon as he entered the meeting room, Tang Hao, the general manager, let out a thunderous sound, which instantly filled the meeting room with coldness.

In the face of Tang Hao's roar, Yang Xiao was expressionless. He had long since gotten used to it. In the past five years, Tang Hao had taken every opportunity to mock her.

Five years ago, when Old Master Tang was still alive, he forced Yang Xiao to marry into the Tang family and married Tang Muxue, the top beauty on the Central Plains List.

However, Yang Xiao had not made any progress over the past five years and had been treated as a laughingstock.

Upon seeing Yang Xiao enter the meeting room, an extremely beautiful lady wearing an OL uniform walked up to Yang Xiao and suddenly frowned. She asked in a cold voice, "Who asked you to come?"

This peerless beauty was Yang Xiao's nominal wife, Tang Muxue. She was the top beauty of the Central Plains List.

Feeling the coldness emanating from Tang Muxue's body, Yang Xiao scratched her head in embarrassment. "Muxue, have I come to the wrong place?"

Today was the Tang family's quarterly summary meeting. All the employees of the Tang Pharmaceutical Group had to be present.

"Yang Xiao, are you deliberately making me look bad?" Staring at Yang Xiao's blank look, Tang Muxue felt so wronged that her tears almost fell.

Five years ago, her grandfather suddenly asked her to marry Yang Xiao. Everything that happened out of the blue caught Tang Muxue off guard. She felt like a fresh flower was stuck in the cow dung.

After five years together, Tang Muxue's feelings for Yang Xiao were complicated.

Because in the past five years, Yang Xiao had been obedient to her and never violated her bottom line. He washed clothes, cook, and do all the chores at home. Every night when she got off work, Yang Xiao poured water for her feet and massaged her back.

She did not hate Yang Xiao at all. More than that, she was exasperated at his failure to live up to her expectations.

If Yang Xiao was a little more knowledgeable, her family would not have become a laughing stock.

Today was the day of the Tang family's quarterly summary meeting. Yang Xiao had a zero performance for five years. Wouldn't she lose face if she attended the meeting? The more Tang Muxue thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt.

Seeing Yang Xiao remain silent, Tang Hao mocked her. "Tang Muxue, that loser Yang Xiao hasn't performed at all for five years in the Tang Pharmaceutical Group. As the director of the marketing department, how did you do it?"

"Yang Xiao is a well-known living woman in Central Plains city. He relies entirely on women to support him. How can he have achievements? If I were him, I would have killed myself with tofu!"

"That's right! This wimp is the shame of our Tang family. I'm so unlucky to be in the same family as him!"

A group of Tang family's direct descendants in the meeting room sneered and stared at Yang Xiao with disgust.

Tang Muxue frowned and said coldly, "Tang Hao, today is the Tang family's quarterly summary meeting. I don't want to argue with you! Don't go too far."

She and Tang Hao had always been at odds. Tang Hao’s humiliating Yang Xiao was equivalent to humiliating her. Although she was quite disappointed in Yang Xiao, she could not stand by and watch him being humiliated by Tang Hao.

Seeing that Tang Muxue was actually defending Yang Xiao, the Tang family's direct descendants were all shocked.

Even Yang Xiao was shocked. This was the first time in five years that Tang Muxue had spoken up for him.

Hearing this, Tang Hao became angry from embarrassment. "Tang Muxue, what do you mean? Are you going against me on purpose?"

What they did not know was that the most outstanding members of the younger generation of the Tang family were Tang Hao and Tang Muxue. Even in his dreams, Tang Hao wished that Tang Muxue would die in order to inherit the position of the Tang family leader.

"Tang Hao, that's enough!" Tang Muxue shouted angrily.

Staring at the scene in front of her, Yang Xiao felt extremely guilty. She had suffered a lot of humiliation in the Tang family over the past five years.

It could be said that Tang Muxue had led a hard life for the past five years.

Seeing that Tang Muxue was still defending Yang Xiao, Tang Hao shouted angrily, "Tang Muxue, what do you think the Tang family is? Is it a tool for Yang Xiao to nibble away at the family?"

Then, Tang Hao looked at Yang Xiao with disdain. "You're a bane, you're full of misfortune. If it weren't for you, the Tang family wouldn't have been laughed at. Maybe the Tang family would have been ranked among the first-rate families for five years. If I were you, I would have found a hole in the ground and buried myself in it."

"Really?" Yang Xiao shook his head with a smile.

Six years ago, Yang Xiao had been framed by her half-brother. The matriarch of the family had been bewitched by her sworn brother and kicked him out of the Yang family in the capital. That heartless scene was still vivid in Yang Xiao's mind.

However, just when Yang Xiao was down and out, he met an old man. The old man made an exception and accepted him as his pro-disciple. The old man had a powerful identity, so he asked him to be a son-in-law of the Tang family to be tested.

They did not know that the old man was the real master of the Peerless Dragon Gate.

Peerless Dragon Gate, the world's largest mysterious organization, controlled more than half of the power and wealth in the world.

In Dragon Gate, in addition to the Lord of Dragon, there were four Dragon Kings and many world-class masters who had reached Divine Transcendence. The Martial Emperor of South America was just a servant in the Dragon Gate.

Six years ago, the leader of Dragon Gate had tested Yang Xiao. He took the leader as his master for a year and had served as his son-in-law for five years. During these five years, he warned Yang Xiao not to reveal her identity or mobilize all resources in Dragon Gate to hone his temperament.

Seeing that Yang Xiao still dared to talk back, Tang Hao flared up and said, "Isn't it right? You worthless thing!"

Just as Tang Hao finished his sentence, a man rushed in. "General Manager, Li Mingxuan from the Li family of East Sea has come to visit!"

Li Mingxuan? Tang Hao's expression changed when he heard that.

The Li family of East Sea was the most powerful family in East Sea. As long as the Li family made a move, the Tang family would definitely be destroyed in less than an hour. How could such a big shot come?

"Quickly, welcome Young Master Li!" Tang Hao shouted.

He couldn't afford to offend such a big shot, not to mention the whole Tang family.

Under everyone's gaze, an imposing young man appeared in their sight. He was Li Mingxuan, the young master of the Li family, the strongest clan in East Sea.

Tang Hao quickly stepped forward and said obsequiously, "What can I do for you, Young Master Li?"

"I feel like old friends with your Tang Family's Yang Xiao at first sight. Here is a 30-million contract!" Li Mingxuan threw a contract onto the table.


Acquaintances with Yang Xiao?

"And he gave an order of 30 million yuan?"

How... how was this possible?

In an instant, all the members of the Tang family looked shocked, and their chins seemed to be broken on the ground.

At the same time, Yang Xiao's phone received a text message.

"Your Highness, the assessment is over. Congratulations on becoming the new leader of Dragon Gate. Your account has been frozen, and trillions of funds have been used by Dragon Gate. You can do whatever you want!"
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