The Ultimate Husband

The Ultimate Husband

By:  Skykissing Wolf  Completed
Language: English
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Mother-in-law: “You shall leave my daughter immediately, you’re a complete piece of trash who isn’t worthy of her.”Three days later, the son-in-law drives up in a luxurious car.Mother-in-law: “Please, I’m begging you, don’t leave my daughter.”

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The ultimate husband tells a story of a son-in-law changing his position and being respected by each member who had looked down upon him. In his mother-in-law’s eyes, he is as worthless as trash and should be kicked out from the family and her daughter should find a better man.While, It’s proved that His mother-in-law is wrong and he is the best choice for the whole family.

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Praise Murowe
Best book I have ever read in my entire life
2023-09-21 04:21:37
user avatar
vaibhav garg
very interesting book
2023-09-08 00:09:30
user avatar
Daniel Palmer
I am currently reading the book, infact I am really enjoying every about the book, the romance, suspense then the martial arts. I pray maybe one day I settle on my sofa to enjoy the movie.
2023-09-01 19:32:36
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Mystic write
I love this book a lot. it keeps on my toe
2023-08-28 16:22:47
user avatar
Catty Wheels
I love this a lot author, the best I have read on this app. I'm an author too but you are just too amazing. The way you structure your story is lit, keeps me up all night that I wonder if there's magic in your hands. Kudos author, love you and your book.
2023-08-08 00:02:53
user avatar
David O'Malley
Needs more audio chapters
2023-08-02 22:52:20
user avatar
Micheal Wagyims
Interesting book but l wish there is a way for my to award the author some gems
2023-07-27 07:58:22
user avatar
Ajrkajr Atsoca
good one to read
2023-07-13 16:22:49
user avatar
Lisa Bentley
Really good book
2023-06-26 14:43:56
user avatar
Kuu-ire Samuel
it is a wonderful novel to read
2023-06-08 23:10:58
user avatar
maximus silas
such a good book with such a gripping story
2023-06-05 19:31:26
user avatar
Tholitz Fondales
excellent novel
2023-06-04 11:39:09
user avatar
Alexandru Ionel Cerbu
the book should continue, that was a poor ending.
2023-04-23 21:44:52
default avatar
Bruce Crimm
I love this book
2023-04-20 07:45:31
user avatar
Lynn Casey
thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!! so wished it hadn't ended, but.. either way... massive props to the author!!
2023-04-20 02:40:21
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7044 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Darryl, dump away our foot wash.”Three women sat on the sofa, having just had their feet soaked and washed. From afar, these three beauties exuded an air of seduction and class, each with their unique charm. Among these three women, was Darryl’s wife and her two best friends. Upon his wife’s behest, Darryl dumped the bowls of dirty water away subserviently. He dared not utter a single complaint; after all, he was the family’s live-in son-in-law. Even after three years of marriage, he had no place in the family. His wife and mother-in-law would berate him for the slightest mistakes. Even a mutt would have a higher standing in the family than he did.Darryl and Lily Lyndon were husband and wife for three years, but only in name, for they have not consummated their marriage. He has not even felt the touch of her hand! Every night Darryl slept on the floor because of how heartily Lily despised him.Washing, cooking, cleaning the rooms, every single household chore was Darryl’s duty.
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Chapter 2
“Can’t you go any faster? I’ll be screwed if I’m late,” said Lily impatiently at the sight of Darryl’s slow-moving vehicle.As the words left her mouth, Lily began to regret them. Darryl through his sheer will pushed his busted up bike through its limits!The speed of the bike was too much for Lily, and she could not help but hold on tight to Darryl’s waist.The sudden hug caused Darryl’s body to quiver all over. After three years of marriage, this was the first time they had physical contact with each other. A surge of excitement welled up from within him from Lily’s pressure on his back, prompting him to accelerate his bike even faster.Eventually, the couple arrived at the office building’s main entrance, and Lily breathed a sigh of relief upon their arrival. As she was about to get off the bike, came the thunderous roar of an engine. An Audi Q5 pulled up and parked itself beside the bike, and a man stepped out of the car.Ashton Adagio locked his car and adjusted his suit. He
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Chapter 3
Meanwhile, at Neptunus Corporation.Lily had just left the meeting room after finishing her meeting with the shareholders when she saw her female employees talking and laughing at their cellphones. How dare they shrug their duties during working hours? Lily walked toward them intending to reprimand, but instead, she saw that they were watching a video, and in that video was none other than Darryl!“My bike bro, don’t you worry. I’ll avenge you for this…”In the video, Darryl was caressing his bike with a face full of sorrow. “Haha, this guy is hilarious, who is it?”“You don’t know? It’s Miss Lyndon’s husband.”“What? Do you mean that piece of trash Darryl? So I’ve heard that she was married to a piece of trash…”The ladies were happily gossiping away when one of them stood up and did a mimicry of Darryl. “I don’t suppose you girls know that earlier today when I just arrived at work, I heard Darryl said he was gonna buy The Worship of Crystal for Miss Lyndon!”“Hahaha, that
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Chapter 4
‘Damn you, I just washed this set of clothes yesterday, and now you’re saying it’s dirty?’ Darryl thought to himself. He was about to voice his opinion but before he could do so, he was dragged away by Alex Armstrong.The two were close friends back in high school. They had fought together and even ditched classes together. Alex might be the only one tonight that was not disgusted with Darryl. Dragging Darryl to a corner, Alex shook his head and said, “Bro, I’m telling you, a girl like Giselle isn’t the type for us to get hung up on. Aren’t you asking to be ridiculed for simply sitting beside her?” Darryl said nothing and merely chuckled. They wined and dined the whole night through, and the evening passed by quickly.Giselle was a little tipsy, and under the crowd’s pressure, she picked up the microphone and sang while gently swaying her body. Her appearance was sensual and seductive, striking awe at the men around. Giselle was truly a beauty!It was only at night when they dec
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Chapter 5
The Lyndon clan’s authority rested in the hands of the grandmother, and she favored William the most. Moreover, William’s development is pretty decent, he has at least 30 million worth of assets. Any offense toward him would surely not end well.“Mom, what are you doing?” asked Lily as she walked over and held her mother back. Even though she detested Darryl, it was him that had gotten her out of her predicament. Darryl covered his face, the red slap mark on his cheek was strongly visible. However, he had a small smile on his face. After three whole years, this was the first time Lily spoke on his behalf. Darryl simply turned and left, with a smile on his face.“Get your ass back here, you piece of trash!” Although it was quite a distance, Darryl could still hear Samantha’s shouts. As the crowd watched the spectacle unfold, an aged voice could be heard from not far away. “What’s with all the commotion?” Grandmother Lyndon asked as she walked onto the stage. The originally bus
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Chapter 6
Darryl glanced at Pearl. If he was not mistaken, she should be the secretary his uncle mentioned about.“Sorry President, I didn't mean to be late. There was a traffic jam...” Pearl explained softly, afraid to look Darryl in the eye, and merely bowed. “Pearl, what nonsense are you talking about!” Penelope stepped forward. Her beautiful appearance was slightly tinged with anger. “This is our company’s new security guard, why are you addressing him as president?”“Security guard?” Pearl searched inside her handbag and took out a photo. She compared the photo with Darryl, and hurriedly replied Penelope. “Miss Peach, there is no mistake. This is our company’s new president, Mister Darby.”“What!?” The crowd stood there with their mouths agape, and stared at Darryl in disbelief!“Uh Miss, you... you have to be mistaken?” Giselle bit her lip tightly and looked at Pearl. “This guy is Darryl, he was my classmate in high school. Look at how uncouth he is, how could he be the president?”
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Chapter 7
“Jade, stop it already,” whispered Lily softly after hearing Jade scolding Darryl. Yesterday at the annual gathering William showed off his suit, yet it was Darryl who stood up and helped Lily relieve the embarrassment. “Lily, you’re too soft-hearted. If it was me, I would have divorced him already,” said Jade coldly. "After being married to him for so long, yet you both haven’t consummated your marriage. I don’t know how you can handle facing this piece of trash every day,” “Jade,” called out Darryl as he stared deeply at her. He could not hold it in anymore and made a step forward. It had to be said that Jade was gorgeous, she was wearing a short tight skirt, exposing her fair legs. “My wife’s company needs five million, why would you assume that I couldn’t help?” said Darryl with a smile. “I remember you said that if I can fork out five million, you’ll call me daddy?” “Yes, I did say that.” Jade slowly stood up. “Show me then, if you can’t, you’ll call me your mommy th
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Chapter 8
It only took three seconds for Ashton to answer the call. Lily pushed the loudspeaker button.Samantha, who stood beside, started smiling upon seeing Lily’s cellphone screen. “My dear daughter, so Ashton was the one that got you The Worship of Crystal. He’s a good man, be sure to appreciate him, my dear.”Samantha purposely said it loudly, not forgetting to glance at Darryl. Compared to Ashton, Darryl was worthless. Ashton mentioned before that if Lily were to marry him, he would be willing to pay a dowry of 20 million bucks!On the other end of the phone, Ashton was sitting by the sidewalk. Not long ago, he had received a phone call, informing him that the Darby clan had revoked all his fundings! Ashton had a meltdown upon hearing the news. Without the Darby clan’s support, he would be next to nothing! He was subsequently informed that he had offended someone he should not have.Until now, Ashton still could not figure out who he had offended!“Ashton, I want to ask you if yo
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Chapter 9
Haha! Darryl nearly laughed out loud upon hearing the price of the bill. This William was a real fool! None of them knew anything about the wine that was ordered, except for Darryl. It was a Romanée-Conti, which retail price was set at over one million bucks, and more than 30 bottles were distributed around the dining hall! “Are you f*cking kidding me?” William panicked. He stood up and said to the waiter, “Over 300 of us Lyndons ate an amount of over 30 million bucks? The average cost per person is 100,000 bucks then? Alright, get your manager to see me.”The two waiters looked at each other helplessly, they had no choice but to call their manager over. The manager was a 30-year-old young man, who wore a neat suit“Do you intend to continue operating your hotel?” William stepped forward and shouted at the manager while pointing at him. “An average cost of 100,000 per person? Believe it or not, I’m going to report you to the Consumers Association.”The manager was not the slight
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Chapter 10
“Haha, forgotten to bring your bank card, what a splendid reason!” William laughed loudly and looked at Samantha, “Aunt Samantha, did you forget to bring yours too?”“Yeah…”“Hahaha!” Everyone could not hold in their laughter. A young girl blurted, “Darryl must have forgotten his card too, this family came here to eat a free meal!”Lily bit her lips hard as she felt helpless. It was at this moment that Darryl stepped forward.“I brought my card, it’s just that…”Before Darryl could finish his sentence, William snatched his card over and passed it to the waiter, “Come, let’s see whether this card has even 300,000 bucks in it!”Lily stomped her feet anxiously, thinking how his card would have 300,000 when she only gave him a daily allowance of 200 bucks. He would be making a fool out of himself.Lily could see that everyone around was holding in their laughter, waiting to laugh at him being a joke. At this moment, nobody noticed Yvonne standing up slowly. Her beautiful face wa
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