Makaila hurriedly wore her faded blue sweat shirt over a black jeans before picking up her roller skates and made her way down the stairs hurriedly. She had slept late because she had taken a night shift at the cafe where she worked after school hours. She only had thirty minutes to get to school before first period and roller skates wouldn't even get her there in thirty five. She would have to speed everything up today.

Reaching the foot of the stairs, she saw her father passed out on their worn out couch with several bottles of liquor scattered around him. Shaking her head, she took the blanket on the sette and covered him with it. She rushed out of house, wore her roller skates and soon was on the road. Because it was really dangerous for her to skate on the road, she took the side walk.

Sometimes, she wondered why she was so excited to go to school. It was better than home but also a hell hole. She got bullied every day none stop and was always picked on and insulted. The students of Malcolm High took special interest in making her school life a living hell. But she preferred it to being at home with an abusive father.

She saw the school up ahead and continued to skate until she got to the parking lot still filled with students, in cliques as always. Jerky Jocks with the bitchy cheerleaders, bikers, nerds, emos, students who just wanted form cliques, they were all there. She moved to a side to remove her skates and wear her almost worn out sneakers. She took the skates in her hand and moved through the parking lot to the school.

Makaila commanded a level of attention wherever she went. She could feel the burning gaze of naysayers on her back but she wasn't fazed. She had gotten used to it in fact. She was a senior but never got treated like one.

"One hundred and eight five days to go, Makaila and you'd be out of this shit hole." She muttered to herself as she continued walking through the spacious parking lot. She heard whispers and she knew they were talking about her.

"Look at her. She is so ugly." Makaila heard someone say from where the cheerleaders were gathered, causing her to roll her eyes.

At least, I'm not the one looking like a bloated Mango because of plastic surgery.

"Look at how faded her cloths are. Jeez, she has no fashion sense." She heard someone else say.

At least, I don't dress like a hoochie.

"She's cursed. She brought her parents so much misfortune immediately she was given birth to. Just look at her, a very revolting sight. Anytime I see her, I just want to puke." Makaila knew exactly who said that.

Bethany Wright.

Self acclaimed queen bee of Malcolm High. Head of the cheerleading squad and girl friend to the most popular guy in school, Christian Hales. It was such a wonder how cool headed, reserved Christian landed himself such a bitch. She was definitely with him for the money, the fame, and definitely the sex.

News fly around the school and Makaila's ears were always open for the gist.

Makaila's lips turned in a lopsided grin walking away from all the bad energy. It was something she did every time Bethany picked on her. It was so obvious that Bethany was specially sent from the pit of hell to taunt her life. At first it was brutal, now it was just getting old and boring.

She successfully made it to the hall way and to her locker without being bumped into or being shoved against a locker. She checked her watch. Five minutes to first period. She stuffed her skates into her locker, brought out her books, closed her locker and scanned her environment.

As usual it was also crowded. Best friends talking and laughing, couples having an heated make out session in the middle of the hall way but no one seemed to actually care, everyone moving in pairs and groups. Makaila was not in that category either. She didn't have friends, more like acquaintances and it was only one person anyway. At the point, relationships were a no-no. Not when she hasn't gotten her act together.

The ringing of the bell signifying first period snapped her out of her thoughts and she hurriedly made it to the class. It was mathematics, her favourite subject and of course, she was the first to get to class. She sat at the back and watched as other students trooped in. The last to come in were the jocks. Makaila rolled her eyes as the cliché.


Christian Hales was the last to come in, along with two other jocks that Makaila recognized as her number one bullies, Tyler Diaz and James Maloney. She quickly looked down before they could spot her. Thankfully, they didn't.

The teacher came in and started teaching but Makaila wasn't listening. She didn't exactly need to considering she was at the top of the class. She was drawing on her book, a world of peace, happiness that she will probably never experience.

Suddenly the voice of the teacher drew her back to reality. Her face shot up and she noticed that everyone was looking at her like she was vomit.

Great! Now I'm an attention seeking bitch. One more thing to add to my list of criteria.

Cue the sarcasm.

"Yes, Mr Andrews?" She said.

"I know you are at the top of your game when it comes to this subject, Makaila." She smirked at the indirect high praise and waited for him to continue. "But try to still pay attention in class, will you?" Mr Andrews said. 

"Yes, Mr Andrews." She replied and he turned back to the board. Makaila began to hear murmurs behind her.

"How can some one be such a weirdo and have so much brain power at the same time. That's not a fair creation." It was James Maloney. Makaila resisted the underlying urge to scoff.

"Hey, don't question the wisdom of God. My Abuelita said it's blasphemy." Tyler replied. Tyler was the least smartest among the entire group but he was the one who made my life a living hell the most.

"...still doesn't hide the fact that she's such a freak. I just enjoy making her suffer." She heard Tyler complete his statement.

"You guys should lay off. She hasn't done anything to you, has she?" The voice was foreign but Makaila knew it's owner. He was one Jock that didn't bully her. One person in the whole school that didn't judge her.

Makaila didn't understand why but she equally didn't care.

"Since when did you start taking her side?" James scoffed.

"Guys like you don't take sides with people like her." Tyler chipped in.

"I'm not taking sides. I just don't want to get into trouble with Mr Andrews because of you two." Christian replied and Makaila scoffed.

"It had better be just that, or Bethany wouldn't let you hear the end of it." The mention of Bethany's name soured her already soured mood and Makaila shut her ears to their chattering and focused on class.


As soon as the bell for end of first period went, everyone rushed out of class. Makaila picked her books from her table and put them inside her bag. She stood up, wanting to leave but a force pushed her from behind and made her fall, her books scattered every where. Students in the class laughed like it was a funny joke.

"Hey freak, why don't you watch where you are going next time." Tyler smirked and walked away with James. Makaila rolled her eyes and began to pack her books back into her bag. She felt someone crouch down beside her.

"Let me help." She looked up and saw Christian.

"I think I can handle it." She replied him curtly.

"Let me, please. It's the least I can do for my friends' behavior." His lips stretched in a lopsided grin and Makaila almost scoffed.

Yeah right. Yet you haven't stopped them from bullying me.

"I said, I can handle it." She packed the last of her books, shoved them into her bag before walking out of the class, leaving an awestruck Christian standing.

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