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Abandoned by her mum at the age of ten, Abused by her own father since then and bullied at school every single day, Makaila wanted nothing more than to feel the love of a father, a mother, a friend... Or that special someone. Then, He came into her life. Will he give her that love she has always craved for? Or will he just make matters worse?

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Antoinette Nieves
Great read! a lot of drama.
2021-05-28 05:46:21
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Sri Julianti
Good read.......
2021-05-09 08:58:58
user avatar
Sarah Johnson
good story
2021-05-04 05:34:19
user avatar
Ezenagu Chinenyenw
😍😍😍I couldn't get my eyes off it.
2021-04-27 20:53:34
default avatar
This was an unbelievably amazing story! All the tough times we’re heart wrenching, but the love made up for it nonetheless! Fantastic job author! One of my favorite stories on here for sure!
2021-03-28 11:36:06
user avatar
love love the book... it's intriguing
2021-01-20 08:33:24
default avatar
Nice Story ...
2021-01-14 04:02:01
user avatar
Malethoko Semuli
i like the book
2021-01-05 00:41:12
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Jennifer Galero Aquino
I love the story it reminds me one of my favorite series in korean the boys over flower.. The character is very unique im so excited in every chapter..
2020-12-26 17:45:15
user avatar
Lisa Wallace
Love the stroy
2020-12-23 09:27:25
user avatar
Jazsime Angeles
Only stopped reading this wee gem cos I run out of coins, really pulls you into her life.
2020-12-21 23:23:11
default avatar
Nnamnso Sabbath
Nice and articulated
2020-12-21 12:30:50
default avatar
Kylie Pearson- Hart
Great book
2020-11-06 07:00:50
user avatar
Marilyn Rivera
I couldn't stop reading loved this book
2020-10-27 09:42:38
user avatar
joseph vallecer
It very entiresting story
2020-10-26 07:52:34
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39 Chapters
"Mummy please don't go." I cried, following her down the stairs. She paid me no heed, ignoring me like I was some pesky fly she couldn't wait to get rid off. She and Dad had another fight and suddenly she went to their room, packed all her cloths into the worn out suit case and began to drag it down stairs. Dad had gone out to get drunk, as usual.  "This is all your fault! Evil child! My misfortune began when I found out you were growing in my womb. I should have gotten rid of you since then but No! Your grandparents made me keep you. Now they are dead. I regret ever having you! I hate you!" She screamed at me as she made it to the door. I shivered as the words pierced through my heart like arrows.  This wouldn't be the first time she would say those words to me. I have heard those words more times than I can count. She and Dad said them to me severally. I have never felt l
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Makaila hurriedly wore her faded blue sweat shirt over a black jeans before picking up her roller skates and made her way down the stairs hurriedly. She had slept late because she had taken a night shift at the cafe where she worked after school hours. She only had thirty minutes to get to school before first period and roller skates wouldn't even get her there in thirty five. She would have to speed everything up today. Reaching the foot of the stairs, she saw her father passed out on their worn out couch with several bottles of liquor scattered around him. Shaking her head, she took the blanket on the sette and covered him with it. She rushed out of house, wore her roller skates and soon was on the road. Because it was really dangerous for her to skate on the road, she took the side walk. Sometimes, she wondered why she was so excited to go to school. It was better than home but also a hell
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Makaila rushed out of class immediately the last bell went. She had only five minutes to get to the cafe where she worked per time. She quickly brought out her skates from her locker, slipped it on and started to roll.  She made it to the cafe in ten minutes and quickly went in. The owner of the cafe is a woman with an indifferent character. Sometimes she burns cold and sometimes she burns hot. Makaila was really hoping that today was one of the days she would be cold. And thankfully it was. "I'm so sorry I'm late, Miss Sanchez." Makaila said. "Just get to your duty post. I do not have time to exchange words with you." Miss Sanchez dismissed. Makaila quickly took her apron and started getting the table ready for customers. She was a waiter so she took her note pad and slipped it into her apron pocket. Soon customers started to come in. Mak
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Makaila got to school very late. Her face was swollen and red and she tried her best to cover all her scars by wearing a baggy hoodie. She rushed into class while they were almost ending third period. Immediately she entered the class, all eyes were on her. "You are late." Miss Tamika stated eyeing her with distaste. "I'm sorry, I really had a bad night." Makaila muttered. "Just get to your seat." Miss Tamika dismissed her and continued to teach. She found an empty space at the back and went to sit down. She saw Bethany and the other Cheerleader murmuring something and she was very sure it was about her. As soon as the bell went, signaling the end of the period,  Makaila rushed out of the class to the rest room. Thankfully, no one was inside. She stood in front of the mirror and saw how bloated she looked. She still had
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Makaila couldn't skate with the sprain on her ankle. She started walking all the way home from school, though it was pretty far. Using skates, it was like thirty five minutes but on foot, It was an hour and some minutes. Her legs were killing her and there were visible bruises all over her body. No one made a move to give her a ride, all their thoughts pointing to one direction. What if she dies in the car on the way to a hospital and the police charges them for murder?  No one was willing to take that risk.  At every step she took, pain filled her body. It felt like any minute, she would slump and pass out. She reached a road where cars weren't moving any more. Her vision became blurry and she began to stagger. She shook her head, trying to stay awake but her body was giving in to the weakness. She felt darknes
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Makaila's POVI woke up with a very bad headache, still oblivious about my surrounding. My body still hurt but not as bad as before. Trying to remember what happened, I looked around and widened my eyes when I noticed that I wasn't in my room. I knew that because my room wasn't this big. I was on a king sized bed and it was incredibly soft, unlike my small brick like bed at home. I noticed my sprained ankle was in a bandage and a plaster on my fore head. I got down from the bed and opened the door, looking around for someone who would explain where I was and what I was doing here exactly. The house was big, that's for sure and everything looked so luxurious and well furnished. Maybe I had finally died and gone to Heaven. I chuckled at the thought I saw a stair case and began to descend it, minding my step. When I got to the foot o
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Makaila's POVI  was running through a dark road . I had no idea where I was going but I just kept running. He was chasing me. He wanted to hurt me like always. I didn't see the tree stump on the ground and that made me trip. He was getting closer. I could see his shadow approaching and I could also hear his wicked laugh. He came into view. "I've got you now." He smirked. I tried to run but my leg wouldn't let me. I was trapped. I saw a figure close by. "Help! Please help me!" I called out. The figure came into view and I saw who it was."Mum?""You will never amount to anything. No one loves you. No one will ever love you. You are a curse! I hate you." She spat out. "Please mum, help me. Don't le
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Makaila's POVI went back to staying at my house soon after. The last thing I wanted was for Bethany to meet me at her boyfriend's house. The ray of sun light entering the room made me wake up. I groaned as I tossed and turned on the bed. Mondays were my worse days, probably everyone's worse days. I finally turned to look at my alarm clock. My eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. It was 8:30! Fuck! I slept past my alarm! I had less than an hour to get to school. I ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Then wore a casual white tee shirt, black Jeans pants and stuffed my black hoodie inside my bag. I took my sneakers in one hand and my rollers in another and started rushing down stairs. I didn't see my father in sight but I don't care. I rushed out and started to wear my rollers. I only had twenty minutes left.
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Makaila's POVIt was lunch break and everyone was in the cafeteria. Nigel decided to sit with me today. It felt nice because I have never had anyone seat with me before. We were talking when the cafeteria door flew open and the clique of jocks came, Christian leading the way. All of them in their varsity jackets. I felt a tinge of familiarity. I couldn't help but feel they all wore it for a reason. They rarely wore their jackets except they were having a game that evening. I looked at Nigel with a raised eyebrow. "They are planning to do a welcome party for a new student." He clarified. That statement alone made my eyes widen in realization. "Seriously?! That awful. Christian won't let them do it, will he?" I asked. "Makaila, sometimes he doesn't have a say. I wonder if he is really a captain." Nigel sighed.
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Makaila's POVFor a while, Tyler and the others stopped bullying me, mostly because Nigel was always with me. They tried to take delight in hurting Rita as well but Nigel still won't let them. If anything, they feared Nigel. He is a nice guy but whenever he means business, he means business. Christian and I didn't talk anymore. He acted like I don't exist and I did the same. Though I couldn't but feel somehow about it. Get a grip Makaila. He chose the enemy's side. Rita had no friends because people made fun of her curves,  saying she was fat. Though she wasn't slim like me but I'd rather call her curvy. Nigel asked her to hang out with us and we became friends. Nigel had an unusual soft spot for Rita. I started noticing it early but I didn't give an open eye to it at first, well that was until Nigel started walking Rita to class, checking up on
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