Me You, Nothing In Between
Me You, Nothing In Between
Author: ekpikapere
Chapter One

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All my life, I lived in Lekki. Did school and grew up there, made friends, literally had my first everything there. And currently, we where moving out to where we'd get a house for a low amount of money, fucking living our personal house behind. In case you care to know my whore of a Mum and not so bad Dad officially got divorced last week. He caught her in her car getting smashed by his own sister's son whom he raised like his own kid.

The bastard was lucky he fled. I clenched my fists hard till the bitch threw a swift glance at my direction. She was in the middle of me and the truck driver, who had carried our belongings with some men earlier and piled them on his truck.

Back to the bitch, she sure had heard the cracking sound of my fist and fucking knew what was going on in my head.

The poor sucker fled because he knew how violent I could be. Dad unlike me is a weakling. He was devastated when he caught his own sister's son banging his beloved wife in her car, in the early hours of the morning. They swore it was the first time, but one would know it wasn't. I just had the feeling they'd been having an affair behind Dad's back and that particular day, they couldn't wait to get in eachother's pants and had to fuck right in her car while poor Dad was asleep.

Long story short, he spent two weeks in Abuja, and when he returned filed a divorce.

The bitch (I couldn't address her as my mum after what she did), sold our duplex,which currently throws me in the situation I find myself. She was lacking funds because Dad left her with no penny. I on the other hand was quite loaded because Dad payed a whole lot of money into my account and told me he'd send for me because I wanted to move along with him to Abuja. But he disagreed knowing the kind of person I am.

Whenever something went wrong in our neighborhood, I was the cause.

I always got involved in problems. So he bribed me to stay with her. Bribe by promising to pay times three of my monthly allowances into my account.

At twenty two, I had been arrested eight times which was a result of my constant fights, drug abuse and trespassing. Once, I and my buddies painted a cop's car with red paint. We weren't caught that day, it was when I uploaded the pictures on Facebook that they tracked me through my phone caught and arrested me. I stayed in the cell over a month.

The truck halted in front of a rustic gate which a great deal of black paints were fading and peeling off. When truck driver horned. A balding short security guard with an oversize uniform and ugly pair of shoes flung the gate open. The houses came into view as we drived, in followed by the bitch's car that ass driven by the men she'd hired to work in the house. Earlier when I had insisted on driving in the truck with its driver, she had said she'd be in the truck too. I had no option but to create some space for her to sit between the truck driver and I, because I couldn't stay in the car she fucked with my cousin. You might be wondering if I own a car or not. I did, but Dad seized it after the incident with the Cop's car.

I alighted out of the truck to take in view of the surrounding. It had two buildings, consisting of twelve flats, six on each.

There wass enough space as that of the size of a basketball court.

We ascended the stairs of the second building which I assumed have never been swept because of how dirty it was. Our flat was at the top floor. Thankfully it was a two bedroom flat. I couldn't bare the thought of sharing the same room with her. It was good I could have my own privacy as usual. Her stupid brain which have been fucked out by my cousin could still process a little bit of common sense.

The men she hired set to work immediately she unlocked the door to the apartment. I found a spot to sit, slipped out my phone and headphones out from my shorts pocket.

Dmx dog's out blasted from my earphones the moment I plugged them on, satisfied I went through my social media accounts on my phone.

Three hours later, the hiredmen left along with the truck driver. I took my bags with me to my room. It lookes nothing like my old room, but it wasn't that bad. I was having a raging headache at that moment, quite tired and hungry but too lazy to prepare something to eat. Yes! I prepared my own meals since her food always got stuck in my throat after what she did.

She was a witch bitch.

She fucking ruined our home.

I hate her.

The urge to head for the gym became Strong. I kind of miss my ugly old punching bag, but today is Sun-freaking-day. I really needed something to punch, to advert my anger.

Suddenly my phone lookwd like an easy target, I could smash it against the wall, but would feel bad right after smashing it. Besides its the third phone I had gotten that month.

I paced back and forth gritting my teeth till my jaw hurt. Yes! I fucking had big anger issues. And the situation the bitch threw me in wasn't helping matters. She should count herself lucky she was a female, I don't hit females no matter how furious I get. And she was my...Shit!

I sitted on my bed and held my head in my hands, in attempt of taking in calm breaths just has the rapist instructed. But it was of no help. I slipped a pack of cigarette from my backpack, took a pair, as I made to lite it, the power supply went out.

And the bitch who was scared of darkness yelped.

Back home we had constant power supply, now she'd have to deal with darkness. I smirked.

"Kim!" She bellowed. It was a name I liked, but now, coming from her mouth and the sound of it makes me cringe, I hate it, it even sounded feminine.

Grudgingly I walked to the sitting room where she was sitted on a couch and had the flashlight switched on.

"What?" I barked.

"As you can see the power supply is out, so take this money and go get petrol at the junction, the petrol gallon is outside." She pointes at the money on the glass table which has cracking lines. It was the same glass table I had stepped on out of anger the day Dad told me they were going to divorce.

I still felt a slight pain I sustained from it on my feet. I ponder why she refused to dispose it like other furnitures, why she still kept it.

"Do you even hear me?" Her voice rang out slipping me out of my thoughts.

" I won't, go get that fucking petrol yourself and live me the fuck alone." I responded through gritted teeth, and attempted to leave when she hurriedly stood up, forcefully drew me back and slapped me hard on the cheek.

I stared at her with despise as my eyes access down her body. She was putting on an oversize shirt, tiny shots and tied her head in a scarf, she looked thirty three and not fourty three. She was beautiful, tall, slender with caramel skin. Also an ex model who still has the perfect physique, She and Dad weren't a bad couple, they fought on rare occasions.

What prompt her to cheat on Dad, I couldn't figure. But it didn't change the fact that it led to a broken home.

"Just because I did wrong doesn't mean I am not your mother, it doesn't change the fact that I carried you in my womb for nine months, suffered pains of delivery before I had you. You're using the 'fuck word on me right? I know how to use it too." She paused to sniffed although her eyes whee dry. "I fucking nursed you, fucking took care of you till you became the fucking adult that you are. And that fucking gives you no balls to disrespect me, you hear me!" She shouted with tears travellinb to the brim of her eyes. It softened me a little but I was still mad.

"You lost the worth of being a mother the day you cheated on Dad with a kid you're old enough to birth, you wreck the home we had." She closed her eyes tightly and shook her head at this.

"I'm sorry, I..." She started to apologize, something she did whenever she had the opportunity to speak to me, but I interrupted her. "Save your fake apologises, I don't need them, you should go seek for your lover, I'm sure you miss his dick." With that, I took the money on the glass table and heades out, making sure to bang the door as loud as I could when I shutted it.

The petrol station was close by, opposite the entrance of the street and I could see it all the way from the house. It looked trekkable so I made the decision to stroll down to get the petrol.

Thankfully it was dark, so I ignored the stares from folks on the footpath.

After buying the petrol, I bought shawama and alcoholic beverages from a Tavern closeby, outside an Hausa guy sold suya.

I felt a slight change of mood because times like this I am out with my buddies. We'd talk about everything and nothing, go clubbing till dawn, fuck the same girls, do a couple of shit together.

A foursome, three girls and a boy of about four came to buy suya from the Muslim guy. I studied them from where I stood.

The first girl was tall, way too tall for my liking, she should be not more than 5.10feet tall, slender and light skinned. My eyes moved to the one in the middle because nothing interested me about the first girl, I have no idea. Maybe because she was in a very loose fitting shirt or gown and bended her head the whole time to speak to the kid so I couldn't see her face.

The middle girl was petite, dark skinned and what made my gaze linger on her is because she was on a white singlet and had no bra on. Her almost dropping boobs were sticked to the fabric, and it was her tits that turned me on. They were just stick to the fabric and I felt myself getting hard, I wonder if she was braless on purpose to derive stares. Finally my gaze settled on her face. She had the rabbit like teeth, just the way Bayo pointes out when we see a person with a teeth that stuck out. She was damn ugly and I would fuck her with a pillow covered to her face, her teeth could lead an infant to tears. Nice tits though.

The third girl was quite a sight. Fair, not like the first one, pudgy, had a beautiful oval face and should be 5.2feet tall. My kind of girl.

I don't do short girls or tall ones. Her eyes caught mine and she gave me a small smile with her perfect lips seal together.


She was fucking beautiful and she knew it. Just the way I liked my girl. I disliked beautiful girls who acted like dummies.

I knew I had to get going, but I held on so I could check our her ass which my instincts told me would be nice, but my instincts proved me wrong when they finally turned to head to where they came from, the same place I came out from.

Her ass wasn't that nice, she was quite shapeless. She had the ass with no hips, it was just there like a sack of shit. But those legs weren't bad, they were curved. Fine.

I would get hold of her sooner or later. It was the tall one that had nice legs,they were long, straight and beautiful, she walked like a model. I could tell when a girl catwalks. But that one, it was the way she walkes. Like I mentioned earlier, tall girls weren't my spec. The shortest of them all, the nice tits, scary face girl had nice legs too, and a nice ass well.

But it's was the other one I wanted. The way she smiled at me, I know she'd end up in my bed, I had a feeling she knew too.

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