Me You, Nothing In Between

Me You, Nothing In Between

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Her deep big dark brown eyes were still the same, but only deeper in the glow of the evening sunglight. When they met mine, it was like they saw right through me, knew my darkest deepest thoughts, my vulnerability, my fears and my desires. It felt like she knew what I don't.... And it really freaked me out.She was fair skinned, had this beauty mark beside her left eye, and it was cute, plus her small straight nose. Her pale brown thin lips were always like they were in a pout.She wasn't my type, that was for sure. So why was I completely irresistibly fascinated by her like I was spell bind?"How old are you? My voice came out a little too rough for my own liking, because all I could think of was nibbling on those pale brown thin lips of hers, run my tongue over them, and lastly, kiss them."Seventeen." She replied after releasing a deep breath which I suspected she'd held captive earlier on. Her tiny hands pulled the hoodie away from her hair and I came face to face with her cornrows.This girl!Fuuuuuuck! She was beautiful, she was possibly the most beautiful thing I had come across today. I don't know, maybe she looked that beautiful to me because she brought me to this enchanted place."I bet you know me as Octavia cause I know you as Eliakim." She raised her eyes up to mine again. "It's a strange name, never heard of it, but it's nice." I was starting to like it when she stared at me, even longed for her eyes to meet mine."So is yours."***This story is about a bipolar guy, and an insecure girl.

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Hey please update sequel of "Step siblings".. please please
2021-12-27 01:45:12
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Hello. I am continuing this book, starting from this month.
2021-06-03 14:47:34
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Samuel Fieessinou
wow such good work
2021-03-09 19:25:54
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Updates please
2020-09-08 18:22:44
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Amazing novel ❤
2020-09-08 18:22:08
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Silas Bale
Great work by the author
2020-09-08 16:48:52
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This is such a great read. I advice anyone searching for some juicy teen romance, to try this out.
2020-09-08 16:25:23
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Obianuju Oguonu
This book is one of my best books in this app..the writer is so good with words and her plot is fire?? I love it ❤❤❤
2020-09-08 15:54:17
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Chapter One
Song for this Chapter Dmx_Dogs out.EliakimAll my life, I lived in Lekki. Did school and grew up there, made friends, literally had my first everything there. And currently, we where moving out to where we'd get a house for a low amount of money, fucking living our personal house behind. In case you care to know my whore of a Mum and not so bad Dad officially got divorced last week. He caught her in her car getting smashed by his own sister's son whom he raised like his own kid.The bastard was lucky he fled. I clenched my fists hard till the bitch threw a swift glance at my direction. She was in the middle of me and the truck driver, who had carried our belongings with some men earlier and piled them on his truck.Back to the bitch, she sure had heard the cracking sound of my fist and fucking knew what was going on in my head.
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Chapter Two
Octavia"That face is new and cute." Annie said as she pulled Tunde up to sit on her laps. My brother stared at her chest with a scowl plastered on his face. Who wouldn't? She refused to wear bra to cover those old man's flip-flops she called breast, they weren't even breasts. They were Borby. I mentally laughed because they reminded me of grandfather's female dog in the village."Yeah, I saw him coming out from that your crush Arinze's compound. Him and his parents are the new tenants who occupied those female Youth Coper's flat I guess." I quickly chipped in, not forgetting to mention Arinze, the guy she had a great crush on. I did that on purpose because she caught me staring at her oddly. Maybe he was the one she's trying to show those things almost all the male population had sucked, both old and young. Urgh! I mentally faced palm.She smiled sheepishly or blushed. I wouldn't
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Chapter Three
Eliakim"Guy, I still don't get why you won't take my calls, anyways just wanted to inform you Oboy (Dad) is out of town and I'm throwing a party tonight. Party's gonna be at the main house and not my lounge, so yeah, it's not worth missing. Don't bring any level(chick) oh, there are going to be enough levels (chicks). Just Jejely come with your self, and know we need to talk"Was the message that displayed itself on my phone screen that Tuesday morning, at 9:12AM.I was laying lazily on my bed with nothing to do but surf the internet, read funny memes, reply messages on my social media accounts, liked and commented on photos, with my headphones plugged on as I listened to trap songs only.Typical Bayo to throw parties at any chance he gets. He lived in lekki, we were friends since running around in our diapers. His dad, some minister guy was real
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Chapter Four
OctaviaI helped Tunde put on his uniform which I ironed to perfection yesterday. Thanks to NEPA (National Electricity Power Authority), there was light throughout last night.I wore him his pair of white stockings and black boots. When I was through, I took a good look at him, and felt so proud of him because he looked extremely handsome. Plus cute in his white shirt, navy blue shots and black boots which I took my time to polish early this morning.I put his lunch in His lunch box, making sure to add two meats. Tunde used to lay complains about how I don't put meat in his food. I took it as joke at first, but when his complains became repetitive, I took it upon my self to go to his school on a particular day before his lunch break, to check on him. I checked his lunch box, the food was untouched with the meat missing.Only to find out it was the class minder who always ate his m
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Chapter Five
EliakimBurna Boy's songs blasted through the speakers all around The Adesina's main house, when I pushed the two massive doors to the living room open. Trust Bayo to throw parties like he wanted to set hell loosed.The sitting room was so high, wide and spacious with beautiful furnitures and decorations which were broken and scattered by the sweaty and hormonal young adults; dancing, grinding on each other, groping asses, twerking on the floor, giving lap dances, sucking faces and carrying out germ exchange here and there.There where two giant stairs facing eachother, and people were on the steps either standing, dancing or sitting, smoking, drinking and girls gossiping and posing for pictures. The atmosphere was covered with various perfumes, sweat and body odour.I scanned around the living room with my eyes for Bayo, but I couldn't find him. Clad in my grey hoodie, dar
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Chapter Six
 Song for this Chapter " Boomboxx Ft Teni _ I Dey"OctaviaToday was Adetayo's traditional marriage ceremony. Well, goodluck to him and her. I was nothing serious, just a fuck buddy to him.It really was time to stop crying. I was still young, I'd get to meet people when I get into school. I couldn't kill myself because of him, simply because he was the guy that deflowered me.I was too young for him. That was his excuse. But I wasn't too young for him at fifteen when he started having sex with me.Men where scammers.I contemplated about texting him that I was finally letting go, but saw it was pointless. Maybe no texting or calling at all would seem mature. I thought to myself as I took the mattress off, stood up and changed from the gown I wore yesterday into my comfy clothes, a white loosed shirt with an ice cream d
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Chapter Seven
TanachukwuFlashback September 21st 2015"Sit with the class prefect over there." Mr Deji our vice principal and Chemistry pratical teacher pointed at my seat and the new girl walked shyly towards me. I shifted my butt to create some space for her and she sat down abruptly and blushed furiously. All eyes rested on her, she looked fragile and scared, kept rubbing her sweaty palms together nervously as she stared at anywhere but the bag on her laps. Our school uniform fitted her perfectly, made her looked like a model; tall, fair, pretty. Her face was really beautiful. She was possibly the most beautiful student present in my class. I was slightly uncomfortable because I felt threatened she would be a competition. She could have been in Arts or Commerical class, why science with me? Why? I took a dislike upon her immediately. I ignored her like she didn't exist and resumed sketch
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Chapter Eight
Warning!!! This chapter consists use of swear words and dirty choice of words. If you're below 18 please skip.Song for this chapter Fireboy DML - What If I Say.EliakimPespiration dripped down my face, down to my neck and my under arms as I rapidly bounced the ball thrice and dribbled pass my opponents aggressively.Another opponent from my right, Yusuf, made to take the ball, but I quickly did an ankle breaker crossover to my left. Where Kunle was and made to pass the ball to him, but he was damn sluggish and less calculating so I changed my mind and dribbled down the court, with my heart thumping loudly in my chest. When I was quite close to the opponents net, I didn't jump, I just threw the ball and watched as it glided through the net and bounced on the floor. Yeah, I was tha
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Chapter Nine
Songs for this Chapter ;The River by Axel JohanssonObvious by WestlifePurpose by Justin BieberOctaviaFacebook: You have one new friend suggestion   Eliakim Franklin Osaze . Was the notification that displayed itself on my iPad that Friday morning.It was my iPad I used in chatting ever since my phone got damaged. I managed to get a small phone for just calls.My heart popped in my chest when my brain properly aligned the name 'Eliakim'I rapidly logged in Facebook and stared at the Facebook username on my notification list for a while, not daring to send him a friend request, aware it was who I thought it was. I was just too scared to do so.He had just 1221 friends and 1 mutual friend
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Chapter Ten
Songs for this chapter?Angle (In the Arms of the Angel) by Westlife.Octavia"I left some clothes untop of the couch inside the bedroom. I want you to take them to those new tenants that occupied those corpers flat at that my friend's compound." That was the longest speech from Mom ever since the egg incident.I paused, raised my head up from the dirty dishes to stare at her. She was at the hallway, holding unto Tunde's hand. It seemed she wanted to take him to one of her shops alongside her today."Yes, mom." I replied. Her facial expression wasn't of disappointment or of disgust, it was just readless. Mom's friend was Arinze's mother, the guy Annie had a great crush on. He attended the same school with Tana and I, and was a class ahead of us."Good, we'll be back befor
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